Thursday, May 22, 2008

Did someone yell fire?

Well today has been most interesting. And it's only half over!!

So I'm sitting in the movie theater, and all of a sudden I smell smoke. Actual smoke!

This is very disconcerting knowing that there is a large raging forest fire in the area, and it is now apparently close enough for the smell to seep into the movie theater.

Yes I had a teensy panic attack, but that didn't stop me from finishing the new Indiana Jones movie. Which is pretty good by the way. Last Crusade was better though.

I figured if there was an inferno blazing around us, someone would have at least stopped the movie, and evacuated us no?

Anyway, upon exiting, into the bright sunshine, I was astonished to see huge billows of smoke rising over the mountains. Planes were flying overhead to grab water from the nearest lake 3 miles away.

The sense of urgency was even more pronounced by a lone firetruck blaring it's siren directly behind our car, damn near giving me a heart attack, and causing me to jump a good 4 feet into the air, like I was in some sort of ejector seat.

Not sure how necessary that really was, especially considering what happened next.

Sirens blaring the truck goes speeding past us up the hill at about, oh say, 10 miles an hour. This struck me as funny. Obviously they need to rush to the fire, but the heavy truck couldn't make it up the steep hill fast enough. Kinda like my car, the Black Beast actually. Even funnier, was that cars were whizzing past the truck at about 50 miles an hour.

The fire is close enough now, that the air smells like a giant bbq, either that or smoked Gouda. I can't decide. The fact that I'm hungry, and have been thinking about smoked cheese since the movie, may or may not be a factor.

There isn't an official report yet on how the fire started, but of course I've heard plenty of rumors. One such rumor was that a routine burn got out of control.

Not surprising if this was the case, as I have seen too many instances of this happening in my neighborhood alone.

Honestly, people, how do you not know that burning in windy weather in the mountains will lead to bad things?

In fact controlled burns should be banned altogether in the mountains. I don't understand why no one with law making authority can see that burning fires, on purpose, in the mountains, with lots of trees, which are very flammable, could be considered a hazard.

It really isn't difficult to understand folks. Should you need more help, please refer to a previous post of mine here for more education, I mean information.

Here's another kicker. We are currently trying to get homeowners insurance. For most people this is as easy as apple pie. For us mountain folk, not so much. Every year we get dropped due to the fact that we live amongst the trees and therefore in a fire hazard.

Finally, yesterday we signed the prospective new home owners insurance papers, hoping, praying that we will be approved.

Um, today? With this fire in our area? That has been declared a state of emergency by the Terminator himself? Well ... I'm guessing Farmers Insurance won't approve us now. What do you think?

As it is now, the fire is actually south of where I live, but if the wind changes, I'm packing up the cats and heading out of here.

I don't even want to begin to imagine the hugenormous traffic jam there will be to get out of the mountains.

I for one intend to beat the rush.


Michael C said...

OOOOOOO boy. I know all too well about fires in the mountains. Twice in the last 4 years, my parents were evacuated from their mountain home because of forest fires. This is ad for 2 reasons: 1 - they could lose their home and 2 - they stay with us.

This past October, they actually lost a few homes at the end of their street. Needless to say, I am thinking very, very good thoughts for you!!!

Lilly's Life said...

Michelle - its scary hey. Great post you kept me riveted all the way through. I was in a bushfire in 2003 - 600 homes got burnt down in my suburb - it was the most terrifying incident of my life. I sold my house right after that. Take Care

Bridget said...

Ouch sorry about the home owner's insurance. Been there we have had a few fires down here in San Diego, if they call out a moratorium new policies stop until it is lifted. Sometimes by county and sometimes by zip is how they roll through.

It's seems so crazy when you are in the middle of a big fire - almost apocalyptic.

The Rev. said...

I'm ashamed at my absence here. Accept a humble apology?

That being said, you're way off base. Temple of Doom is the best of the Indiana Jones series; I did enjoy the most recent release, though, I'll admit, though the end could've used a bit of work.

Secondly, Holy Hell! That was literally (almost) a 'Fire in Theatre' situation! Although I must admit I'm giggling a bit at the thought of overladen firetrucks being speedily passed by small sedans. Perhaps someone could lend a hand and push a truck or two?

And, lastly, though this doesn't even need to be said, Arnold (Ahnold) will take care of everything, so you've no need to worry!

-The Rev.