Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Fire safety 101

I love living in the mountains especially my neighborhood! Not only is it beautiful we have some of the smartest people living here!


For instance as mountain folks we are all very wise when it comes to dealing with fire. Because we live in an especially fire hazardous area, one needs to take special precautions.

Smokey The Bear

Therefore burning trash heaps Photobucket in windy weather like today would be a no-no.

So it was with some concern when I noticed smoke and ash billowing into my yard and house this afternoon. Especially when I noticed that said smoke was coming from the house directly behind us!

Naturally I assumed their house was burning down, due to some unfortunate kitchen conflagration, or something similar in nature.

When I heard the fireman shout "Fire!" Photobucket and Bad!" I knew things were serious.

OH! Those poor people I thought! How horrible to have your house burn down. I hope everyone is OK.

I decided to walk up the hill and see how things were going. I only made it halfway.

Their house wasn't on fire after all.

No. It was their yard. Why?

Because they burned their F&^%$#@ trash on a windy day! Photobucket

I mean, I know it couldn't possibly be their fault, because as smart fire cautious people, they would know better than do something as stupid as that.


No, there is only one plausible explanation...

Obviously their trash spontaneously Combusted!! Imagine our poor neighbors being afflicted with this strange phenomenon for the 3rd time since we moved here. How unlucky!

I love my neighborhood!



Mikiye Creations said...

Good Grief!
They are CRAZY!!!
That puts EVERYONE on DANGER!!!
Geeze, some people!!!!

...don't they get a big FINE for that?!

Michele said...

I know! If the fire had started creeping down the hill I would have been seriously concerned.

I really really hope they get fined big time, especially since this doesn't seem to be a one time deal.

Stace said...

Across the highway from our house in Australia there has been controlled burnoffs happening. I can see bright orange fire trucks from the yard. At first I was concerned, because I wasn't sure it was 'controlled'. They have to wait til the conditions are perfect too, so sometimes it seems to smell like smoke in the middle of the night!

Michele said...

When I first moved up here, I was very alarmed seeing huge bonfires burning in people's yards. Then I learned they were "controlled"

This fire was supposed to be a controlled burn, but for some reason they choose to burn on days they aren't supposed to. Don't get it.