Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bertie the Bird! A New painting, and what I'm up too the week...

This little guy is already in the shop but I thought I'd post him to the blog in case some of you missed his debut. 

This is Bertie the Bird, who reminds me of a chicken.  :)  He's painted on 6in x 6in canvas.  Still loving that little size.   So much fun!  I love his sparkly blue background (can't get enough of glitter), and his collaged paper patchwork arm. 

This one is my husbands favorite, and I think he secretly hopes he doesn't sell.  I like him a lot too, but would love for him to find a home that would love him just as much or more!  You can find him on Etsy of course. 

As to what's going on now... Well, I've totally switched gears this week after my 6 day painting spree last week.  Right now I'm spending most of my time working on the business side of things.  Oh my goodness is it ever overwhelming!  I'm learning about SEO's, proper tagging, keywords, backlinks, new social media, etc. etc. I so wish I got paid for the hours I put into this!  It's interesting stuff, but very time consuming, and it totally sucks up your life.  Hence, I haven't had a chance to paint yet this weekend.  I'm hoping to organize my office area today and then paint later this afternoon.  Wish me luck!


rachel awes said...

there is sure to be a buzzzz about bertie!
such a delicious delight!
& oh yes, i am w/you about how much time businesssss takes! can't we just be painting & paradising only? maybe someday.

Michele said...

Thank you Rachel! I hope people like him. :) And yes wouldn't it be nice to be able to paint all the time? It's just so hard to manage everything. When I get really famous, I'm hiring an assistant to that stuff for me. :)