Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I've been really busy lately with family so not a whole lot going on art wise, but I did manage to do 2 new pieces.  This one is called "Hope" it is 16x16 on canvas, and was directly inspired by "The Missing Face" with Ewen McGregor and Charlie Boorman.

You may remember that after watching that movie I was deeply inspired to become part of UNICEF, and help where ever I can.  And since I can't exactly donate hard cash right now like I want to, I'm trying hard to sell some of my art for their wonderful charity.

This piece will be for sale on Ebay with the proceeds directly going to UNICEF.  I so hope it sells.  I will also be selling prints in my Etsy store, so if you miss out on the original never fear.  :)

Now a few weeks ago, I asked if anyone was interested in making an art piece and selling it on Ebay with me to donate to this charity and this is piece I made for that.  If any of you are still interested, let me know.  I'll hold off on listing this one until we can all list together.

This next piece is 8x10 and is called "Give".
This one is also inspired by the "Missing Face" and will be sold (hopefully) for UNICEF as well.  I am going to post this one tonight to Ebay though, so if you are interested please stop by here.  I will of course have prints for sale on Etsy too.

In other news, I now have my artwork (prints, necklaces, postcards, and a few originals) selling in a boutique!  It's the cutest place called appropriately, "The Itty Bitty Boutique" and if you are local it is in downtown Campbell.  Definitely stop by if you can, it is a great place to buy handmade gifts from local artists. 

I'm also working on potentially selling with another store, but I don't have all the details yet, so as soon as I know I will tell you!


Rebecca Anthony said...

Congratulations on your new display at the boutique!! That's exciting!! Love the new paintings!!

Sunny Lee said...

HOPE and GIVE ...such powerful words....
I especially love your HOPE one~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!