Thursday, August 19, 2010


"Fang" Mixed Media Collage available on Etsy
As requested, here is a cat painting for you! I just couldn't resist with the colors, they seem to be favorites of mine.  :)

This Kitty's name is "Fang" and is on an 11x14 canvas. It is listed in my Etsy shop for those of you that might be interested. There are a ton of layers involved in this piece, and at one point I started to wonder if I was just wasting paint, but as usual things finally started to click, and now of course it's one of my favorites.

I'm also working on several new paintings including finishing my whale, a hippo, and a giraffe. So excited about these!

I'm sorry I've been absent from blog hopping lately but I found that I just needed to stay off the computer a bit, and enjoy summer while I can.  I was spending all day long on the computer between FB, Twitter, Blogs, classes etc, and I had to put a stop to it, and unfortunately the blogs were cut out of my day completely as they were the ones that took the most time.

I'm working on slowly trying to implement them back into my daily routine but with a strict time limit. If I read a  little everyday,  I hope to be able to catch up with you all eventually. 

That's about all for now, I hope to get more painting in this week, but we have family visiting, so It may be a tight squeeze trying to fit all that in.

Hope you all have a great rest of the week, it's almost the weekend!


Sung-Hee (Regina) Hong said...

I heart this painting, Michele ! Love love your style ! I know what you mean by staying away from the computer.. we all do what we can as we can just do so much.. Have a terrific week and thank God it's almost weekend ! =)

Wini said...

Dear Michele, I love Fang!!! He looks so cute and cheeky! Not to worry re the computer. Its important to enjoy the sunshine while it lasts. Have a great weekend! Wini xo

Ophelia said...

Love your new pieces. Fang just makes me smile! I too have been away and see that I have been missing out on a lot of creative bliss in blogland.

jacqueline said...

This is soo adorable!! I love fang too! I hope you are enjoying your summer days! Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!

Jenny Lee Wentworth said...

Awww, I'm loving this kitty cat! Super cute Michelle!


About Cricket Nest said...

Your colors are fantastic! I love your HOPE piece too. So breathtaking!

jasperandblue said...

I love fang... he's great

Sunny Lee said...

This Fang is so whimsical and cute~!!!!!!!!!