Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Dancing In the Trees

More new art! This collage is 8x10, and the image is from Itkupilli. I just love her pictures!!

I had a breakthrough with this piece because, I think I finally have come to terms with using purple. I love the color but we have been enemies in art for a long time. However, with this picture I did not struggle with the color like I usually do, and it was awesome!

It might help too, that I finally found a shade of purple that I like from Liquitex. Man I've gone through so many tubes of that darn color only to be disappointed with the results after it dries. Thankfully that all seems to be in the past.

Now, about the name. I was originally going to call this piece "Birdhouse in your Soul", partly because I was listening to the song when I made this, but also because looking at the finished product now, it looks to me like she's in a tree, which is a birds house. I don't know where the soul fits in, but it's a cool title anyway.

So, long story longer, I didn't use that title because I have another painting in the works that will have it. So I chose dancing in the trees because in the image the lady seems to be dancing, and like I said, it looks as if she is inside a tree on the branches or something.

Don't see it?

Ok Moving on. :)

Things are bit busy for me right now. I'm learning tons of new things trying to make a business, and name for myself in the art world, and it's taking a lot of time. I haven't spent as much time creating as I would have liked, but hope that will change soon.

I am however in the process of making necklaces!! I'm using glass tiles, but I'm having a horrible time getting glue to stick. Not sure what I'm doing wrong here, but as soon as I figure it out, I will have them for sale, so keep your eyeballs peeling for some really cool and colorful necklaces on Etsy!

And speaking of Etsy, I haven't finished it yet, but finally I will be making a site, and selling originals, postcards, prints and necklaces!! I cannot wait, but again it all takes time to list and put everything together. Sometimes I can be so impatient. :)

That's all for now!


Pam Tucker said...

This shade of purple is YUMMY! I'm very partial to all things purple and I love this one. Your necklaces sound awesome. Can't wait to get a peek.

And thank you for your comment on my new blog background. I really appreciate it! :) said...

I love purple too and the few times I've tried to paint something with it I could never find the exact right shade.

Your art is so vibrant and colorful! I really enjoy looking at it. I'll definitely visit your etsy shop.

BTW, I found you through Kelly Rae's course which I'm taking too! Can't wait for it to start!