Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Red Dress

Another new piece hot off the press! This is another 11x14 collage on canvas. The picture is from Itkupilli. Actually there are two photos, the background and the lady.

And if you can believe this, I actually used Photoshop (which I hate) to merge the two and change the colors. I know! Don't get used to it. Photoshop and I do not get along, so I this won't happen often.

I had a lot of fun with this piece, creating a sort of Alice in Wonderland-ly feel, or so I think anyway. :) I have the perfect home for her too, because my living room walls (only two of them actually) are red, I think she will look awesome there. That is until someone buys her... hint hint...

So I'm off now to bring ALL my artwork home! It has been vacationing this spring at a lovely local cafe, but now it must move on to bigger and better things. The Library! I will be hanging my art in to the local library in June, so this is really perfect timing. Now I won't have to worry about having enough pieces!

See ya!!


Pam Tucker said...

Oh, I love the colors in this one! Congrats on moving your art to the library. You are truly an inspiration to me!

Miriam R Kaye said...

Hello! . Just stopping by from Kelly Rae's Flying Lessons class. Can't wait to get started! best wishes to you!

Miriam xoxo
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Jacqueline said...

Michele, this piece is so beautiful and yes i do get that "Alice in wonderland" feel when i look at it. I really am not a good photoshop user...actually i don't really know how to work this software tho i had it in my laptop for a while now. It looks so complicated. YOu did a wonderful job usng it to make this piece! I am sure it will get sell out really fast! Hope you are having a wonderful sweet weekend! Love to you!