Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Anne of Cleves

Well here she is, Anne of Cleves, Henry the Eighth's 4th wife. The lucky one, as she was so repulsive to Henry he decided to divorce her as soon as he could, which I'm sure saved her neck. Literally.

As is the case with all my favorites, this one gave me big trouble in the beginning. I kept adding layer after layer of the same colors, and it just wasn't popping for me. Finally after deliberating about it for days, I decided to add a new color, and chose the green for a little contrast.

Finally things started to come together, and now, I am pretty pleased with the results.

In fact I had so much joy after finishing this piece, and since I really wanted to do another collage in this style, I went and did one of Henry himself. The old beast. I really don't like him, but he is part of the series I suppose.

I actually was not intending to do him at all, but since I had his image already printed (I was going to do him at one point but changed my mind, then changed it back again. Confusing I know), and I had just run out of ink and could not print Katherine of Aragon like I wanted to, I did Henry instead.

Unfortunately his collage did not come out as good as I wanted. I still may touch it up later, but for now he is hanging with Katherine and Anne over my couch, soon to be joined by Katherine of Aragon. Hopefully I get my ink soon!

Collage elements used were the agreement to divorce that Anne wrote back to Henry, her motto, her signature, her portrait, and her badge. I also used fluid acrylics, and oil pastels to create texture and depth.

That's all for now!

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Paula Phillips said...

Stunning as usual Michele! :) I've had this mini obsession over this time period since reading Phillipa Gregory, I love her books. :)
Much Love