Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Meet Cupkate! She's an 8x10 mixed media collage on canvas.

Her creation took several months believe it or not, but I'm glad I persisted with her.

For the longest time, I just wasn't satisfied with the background. It took many many layers of paint and papers before I could actually start feeling like I could go somewhere with this one.

Now the cupcake was a different story. I knew right away I would do that, but the problem was how to create it.

Since I'm not a magician, and I never took any ribbons with my drawing and painting skills, it was quite clear from the start that I needed to find an alternative cupcake creating method.

The cupcake wrapper was the easiest, it is folded and painted tissue paper. Pretty standard. But the frosting, I wanted to make as real as possible.

So, I created a combo of molding and fiber paste which I then put into a plastic bag, snipped off the tip and then squeezed the "frosting" out just like I would with a real cupcake. Once it dried I painted and embellished with glitter and beads.

The face however, came a lot later. I had created her sometime last year as a doodle, and then brought her to life with paint just last month. She has been patiently awaiting a body and a home, and neither were forthcoming. It wasn't until this week that I realized she would do very nicely on this canvas.

You can't see it in this picture but she is 3D as well. In order to make her even with the frosting and to glue her on, a background of molding paste was built up for her to rest on. I then painted the sides to match her hair and hat, and viola! She is complete!

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