Saturday, July 25, 2009

Yippee!! My teapot is done! I have been working on this for over a month. I am super slow, but it's not like I've been doing it everyday. It took about seven visits to Petroglyph, until it was finished.

Speaking of slow, my husband is still working on his bowl, which means that I got to purchase a latte mug to paint while he finishes. Hee-hee. Now I'll have two pieces. *Smile*

I cannot wait til his bowl is done! When it is, I'm totally showing it here, because it will blow you away. I'm not kidding, it's like the best bowl ever. Too cool.

Anyway the picture at the top is the front of the teapot. The designs are doodles I did while at work. Yes I was working at the time, just that I was on the phone, and isn't it like the law to doodle while talking on the phone?

I did the insides and back to, which if I remember how to add more pictures I'll show you right now....

Teapot again
This is the back. And...

teapot insides

These are the insides.

What a project that was!! It takes forever and a year to paint, because you have to add 3 or 4 coats of paint to make it smooth, and when you do something detailed it's that much slower.

It's also distracting because when the colors are painted on they are so light, it's really difficult to know what it's going to look like. For instance I'm not at all happy about blue top. It so doesn't go with the dark purple background of the rest of the pot. I wish I painted the top purple too, but it was done first, and when I was painting the body, it went well with the blue on top. Well! Now I know. I will not make that mistake again!

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