Sunday, July 26, 2009

Marie Antoinette Gothic Arch

This is my really late entry for the Gothic Arch challenge this week. I wish I could have finished this sooner, but I had a really hard time with it.

Once I saw the theme was Marie Antoinette I knew I would do something whimsical. Well actually when don't I huh?

It just so happened that I had gone to a museum a few weeks ago and saw a painting there of a lady of some importance wearing the widest dress I ever saw in my life. Seriously I'm not sure how she would have gotten in and out of doorways with that thing.

Since it was so outrageously huge, I remember thinking, gosh it's like she's wearing a sofa. I swear that's what it looked like.

So when I saw the Gothic Arch challenge this week, naturally I had to use a sofa as her dress. The problem with the sofa however, was what to do about her appendages. Hmmm...well, wouldn't it be kinda cool if she had some arms? And maybe little feet? No not feet....How about... Roller Skates! Why not? Let's have fun with this.

So she got her arms and skates, but then it occurred to me, wouldn't it be even better if she were holding a cake in one hand a fork in the other? After all one of her famous quotes is, "Let them eat cake" right?

Just so you know, the arms are me, the fork is mine, and the cake is our wedding cake. After spending way to long looking for the just the right picture of people's hands and cakes, I decided to do it myself. Much faster that way.

So after adding all that, I felt the inside of the arch was way too serious and plain. It was really bugging me, and just the other day, I read on Lemoncholy's blog, something about when in doubt add polka dots! I couldn't agree more. I added the words and the dots inside and I think it gave it the final whimsical touch it needed.

My husband liked the more serious version better without the red hair and polka dots, and birthday party look as he calls it, but sheesh, a girl's gotta have fun right?

P.S. Please excuse the photograph, I took it tonight despite what I learned the other day, and it's just not as bright as it should be. I know I should have waited til daytime, but I just couldn't wait to get it posted. I will take another picture in the daylight and update it later.

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House of Hullabaloo said...

What a fun piece! i love your style, colors and imagination. I am going to enjoy following your art!