Monday, September 22, 2008

What just happened?

Wow! I did it again didn't I? How did nearly two months go by without me writing a post? And this time I wasn't even doing housework.

Nor was I spending time at guru camp. Well actually that's not quite true, I actually did go to the 2nd installment of Guru camp, but, um... I...sort of... got kicked out.

Oh okay, it was really my decision to leave, but honestly I'm pretty certain the teacher was glad to see me go. And he did suggest that maybe I should reschedule (read: leave).

Here's the down low. It's kind of embarrassing, but I'll tell you anyway. Day 1 of Guru camp part 2, and the class is waiting 3 hours for the teacher to show up. Why he was late wasn't explained to us, so we just sat around meditating, or in some cases sleeping. Me? I couldn't figure out what to do, so I decided to lie down a bit and see what happened.

I spread out my brand new fancy schmancy Target yoga mat on the hard ballroom floor and laid down staring at the ceiling for inspiration. I spent maybe a total of 15 minutes, no wait probably more like 5 minutes "relaxing". Then I got bored. With nothing better to do I got up intending to take a stroll around the lobby.

That simple little move of changing positions from lying down to standing up, put me on disability for another 3 months.

Yep I hurt my back. And the class hadn't even started! Instantly I was limping around the room for the rest of the night.

It was even more amusing the next morning when I fell down during Yoga practice. This would have been understandable had we been doing some intense yoga positions that contort one into a pretzel, but the sad truth was, we were just standing up.

That was my cue that I wasn't going to make it through Guru Camp this time. See each day is like 13-14 hours a day, and it's in silence, which has nothing to do with my back, but honestly how can you not talk for a week? It's not just talking either, it's communication of all kinds. Yes that means emails and text messages. I could probably not speak for that long, but no emails would have me depressed beyond belief. Sad isn't it?

Anyway my back wasn't going to handle that much mediation and yoga so I decided to call it quits. Especially after I got busted for leaving the room, during one of the exercises. I could not get it through to them, that sitting was BAD for me.

So there you have it Guru Camp part duo. Not as cool as the first time, but I can't really judge it properly since I was in pain and couldn't participate.

Now all this, was leading up to me trying to tell you what I have been doing these past 2 months. See what I mean about not being able to talk? Silence would not work for this one. I have lots to say.

Okay the real reason for my absence is this. I'm cheating on my own blog. I know! I can hardly believe it myself. I created a new one and have been spending time with it.

Oh the shame and guilt is strong, but I really feel that is what I have to do.

The new blog is an art blog.

Why am I hearing crickets?

I do art. Sometimes. A couple times a year at least.


I've actually started to become very involved in the arts, and have been working on an art journal and some canvases. I'm trying to put together enough stuff to show next May. Which would be tres cool if I could pull it off.

So if you all don't hear from me, now you know why. I'm covered in paint and can't get to the keyboard. Or when I can, I'm typing away on the new blog showing off my latest piece.

I figure with being on disability, I might as well pursue this hobby right? Who knows it may turn out for the best.

Wish me luck!!

Oh yeah and the image at the top of this post, is one I did in my journal last week for an art challenge.

Now if you'll excuse me, I must paint.

Oh wait, did you want the address to the new site? Ha ha. Thought I wasn't going to give huh? Well here it is in case you feel the need to see some culture, instead of reading my every so amusing blog.


What? I can dream can't I?


Lilly's Life said...

About time! Although very sorry to hear about your back - hope things are muh improved. Cheating on your blog - how hilarious are you? I lvoe your artwork. How much fun does that look? Well done and keep going!

Jane Turley said...

You can do both! Paint a picture and tell us a story about it for a start!

Don't give up the writing - that would be criminal.

akatrix said...

Michele, your Neurotic 30 Something blog is such a reading about your antics! Now to visit Cat's Pajamas to see all that COLOR~

The Rev. said...

Just dropping by after a long while.

Hope everything is well (or better than well)!

(Hat tip)

Jen said...

Sorry about your back. You had me in stitches. I always wanted to try this but reading your story I think I might be better off, or at least the class would be better off, if I skip it. I can't not talk. Thanks for the laugh.

YogaforCynics said...

Hmmm...I'd make some really funny snarky remarks about gurus and the camps that go along with them, except that my friend who has a guru is bound to show up at this site and read them and then ream me for it on my blog....Oh, it's tough living in fear....Maybe I need a guru to help with that...and a camp....though I don't think I'll go to this one....

Dawn said...

Michele you write so well.. I love this side to you, fantastic... I am coming back here gf and keeping an eye on the cats pyjamas...

Go girl - hope you get to exbibit and who needs yoga when you can't speak, write, e mail, I'm with you