Friday, September 19, 2008

Flying Circus

This is for the 2nd challenge I'm doing with the Crowabout gang over on Flickr. Such a fun group. Every Saturday Nancy from Something to Crowabout gives us a collage sheet to download, and anyone who wants to participate has until the next Friday to submit their work to the groups Flickr page.

This is my second week, and I tell you I look forward to every Saturday morning to see what the next challenge will be.

This particular week's challenge was well, a challenge. :) When I recieved the collage page, I thought oh my gosh, what the heck am I going to do with this?

The sheet had two lady's torso's, a couple of Valentines cards, Dumbo, an old style plane, some foriegn money, a couple other sign looking items, the word play, and a little girl in a blue hat.

I thought long and hard, and tried a multiple of different ideas, and nothing really clicked. (Sound familar?) For some reason, I decided to flip around in my journal and see what I had left unfinished.

That was the ticket. I had partially made this page a few weeks ago. I had the big bird, and the circus tent in place, but that was it. I knew for certain I wanted a Flying Circus them. So I started cutting off heads from the collage sheet and sticking them on birds bodies.

Once I did that I knew I could make this work. Dumbo was one of my collage pieces and that was perfect too. The sign he is carrying originally said "Learn to Drive", obviously I had to change that to fly. :)

I really like how this page finally turned out. Surprising theme for me, as I actually don't like the circus, becasue of the clowns, but this page seems so fun and colorful.

I'm excited about the circus tent too, because it allowed me to use two different fabrics, I'd been wanting to try. Though I admit, once it came time to do the top of the tent, I was tired of trying to cut the fabric to the right size, so I took the lazy way out, and opted to use pen and glitter.

I actually think it's better, because not only did it allow me to use fun sparkly glitter, but it also gives it more texture and character I think. Then again, I'm no art critic so what do I know? :)

You know it's funny to me, how these pages are coming about. Most of the time, they are turning out completly different from what I intended. It always surprises me to see what shows up when it's finally finished.

Alot of the end product is actually a result of numerous trials and errors/mistakes that I made. Weird how art works that way. Because I always seem to like the final product, mistakes and all even better than I did before.

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