Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Wal Mart to offer Medical Services?

It's true I just read an article saying that Wal Mart plans to put walk-in medical clinics in their stores. That's right pretty soon, you can get your very own Mc-checkup at your nearest Wal Mart location.

Hmm... I don't know what to think about this. For me it's kind of a scary thought. I mean going to the doctor while shopping at Wal Mart? A store that is known for their cheap products and shifty labor conditions. It just doesn't sound right. I'm afraid the medical services they offer would equal that of their products, i.e. low quality. Although I do frequent the store myself, because I'm not above buying low quality rugs for my bathroom etc. I just don't want to compromise my health care. Apparently Wal Mart is affiliated with certain hospitals, but still you have to wonder about the medical professional who feels it's ok to offer their services at a discount store.

On the other hand I suppose this could be a good thing. Especially if their services are cheap/affordable (but still of good quality), then it might be nice for the people who don't have medical insurance or even the elderly. Especially when getting around may be a problem and they could shop for their weekly needs and get a checkup at the same place. If one had to choose between not being able to afford regular medical care and a Wal Mart clinic who's services were within your budget, than I could see where that would work out.

Still it's a strange world we live in, when you can pick up kitty litter and get your bladder infection checked out all at the same store.

Very strange indeed.

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