Monday, February 18, 2008

Be Still My Beating Heart ... Indiana Jones is Back!!

The other day my hubby and I went to see The Spiderwick Chronicles. Very cool movie by the way.

Anyway, while the previews were rolling, I was doing my usual ritual of situating my food stuff, eating popcorn, and unpacking my peanut butter cups for quick, easy access, (a very important task I'll have you know), when all of a sudden I heard the familiar strains of a song that has been very close to my heart since childhood. Da da da DA! My head popped up like a spring, popcorn frozen halfway to my mouth, images of the Holy Grail and the Ark of the Convenant flashed on the screen. I knew those images. They were ... Indiana Jones! I'm telling you I almost peed my pants with excitement. Yes, I was watching the preview for the new movie, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull coming May 22nd to a theater near you!

Oh praise the Hollywood gods that be! This is such a joyous occasion. I have loved these movies ever since Raiders of the Lost Ark first came out, and I was just an impressionable little tyke. If it wasn't for Indiana Jones, I wouldn't have been introduced to the exciting world of treasure hunting (haven't found any yet), finding old bones(found lots of those), etc. And I can proudly say that because of Indiana, my first profession of choice was archeology with a slight hint of paleontology. The subject is still dear and exciting to me, but I realized early on that this particular science, really wasn't a good career choice if one wants to a. make money and b. have a family (what with all the traveling to dig sites). Besides, I don't like hot weather, and every picture I have ever seen of an archaeologist depicts them sitting in the sweltering sun, digging at the dry dusty ground with a toothpick for hours on end, and maybe finding a small shard of bone or sharks tooth. Nope not for me. However that hasn't stopped me from spending many an hour exploring beaches (I was into pirates too), forests etc. in search of exciting treasures, artifacts, trinkets what have you. Which I know, makes me a big dork with a capital D. Nevertheless, this little quirk of mine, was what actually got me a first date with my now husband. But that is a story for another time.

The hours I spent imagining myself on Indiana Jones type adventures were numerous. As a child I used to swing from the swing sets, theme music playing in my head, envisioning that I was swinging through the jungles of the Amazon, with my enemies in hot pursuit, ala Indiana style. Ah, the days of youth. So pure and innocent.

It goes without saying that I am beyond excited to see this new movie (I heart you Indiana)! And I have high expectations for this next installment(I know you won't let me down). I will be there May 22nd front row and center you can count on that. Until then, I will appease my anticipation, by watching the cinematic greats Raiders, Temple of Doom, and the best of all, The Last Crusade.

Right now though, I'm off to unpack my bullwhip, dust off my fedora, and put on my leather jacket, watch out world, my inner-explorer has been unleashed!

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