Thursday, February 28, 2008

OMG I don't believe what I just did!

I ran. Me. Ran. Amazing.

It all started this afternoon. My husband and I have been somewhat stir crazy lately, as we tend to find ourselves sitting at home staring at computers all day. Him working, and me fooling around on the internet. It's amazing how fast time goes, when you are sucked into the cyber world.

Anyway around 5:00 we decided to take a petite hike up the road to the boy scout camp. It's a very nice place with lovely trails along the creek and never crowded. Not actually sure we are supposed to be there, since it is a camp, but we haven't been kicked out yet.

We haven't been on a hike yet this year, and as I've gained some weight and let my body conform to the couch, I have to admit it was a bit challenging at first. I huffed and puffed all the way up the trail, which embarrassingly wasn't very steep, nevertheless it was a bit rough on me. Not so for the hubby who is an ex triathlete. Even though he hasn't competed in years, he charged on ahead without breaking a sweat, while I poked along behind, pretending that my slowness was attributed to having to stop and admire the scenery. Which it was. Sort of.

Well we got to the top and turned around to head back, and me in my infinite wisdom, decided it might be fun to run back. Hmmm...My body is not made for this sort of activity. And it certainly isn't used to heavy exercise anymore.

There I was wobbling and jiggling all the way down the trail. Notice it was downhill see how smart I am? I made it quite far actually. Even though I couldn't breath, and was sure I was going to collapse, I pressed on. Further and further I ran, and then, the road betrayed me, and started to go uphill. That's when I stopped. My poor body had been abused enough. We walked the rest of the way home.

Much to my surprise once we got home I felt great. Never been more relaxed. Started to think I might like this sort of thing. A bit of exercise is just what the doctor ordered. I'm starting a new regime tomorrow, we will run everyday, and I will loose weight and get fit, be relaxed, feel good, and...

Now? I can't freaking walk. My legs are so sore from this afternoon's stupidity.

Why the hell did I think it was a good idea to run?

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