Thursday, February 28, 2008

Prince Harry fighting in Afghanistan?

Umm....I'm not so sure. I know this sounds positively cynical, but come on people. Do you really think his royal highness is out there brandishing a machine gun (or whatever weapon they give) and fighting the front lines like the articles claim? The heir to the royal British throne? Well third on the list but still. He's a successor. Seems strange he'd be allowed to join the military to fight, what with the potential of dying and all.

Personally, I just wonder if it's all show. You know like a publicity stunt. A way to keep up his image. He has to do that once in awhile. Throw a few bones out to the public, make him look good. Dress him up in uniform, take a few pictures in Afghanistan to make it look authentic. Whatever it takes. You don't have to have seen Wag the Dog, to know how easy it is for the media to fool the public.

However, I do realize he is from Britain and not America, so maybe they have a higher sense of duty and obligation towards their country than our own government does, and actually believe it's an honor to fight for their country and risk dying.

I don't support the war, however if the Prince is out there fighting for us, then I have to hand it to him, because you can bet we would never see one of our government leaders out on the front lines fighting for America. Which is especially ironic, since they started the damn war in the first place. But I digress...

So, Prince Harry if you're out there fighting in this terrible war, and I say this will all honesty, I thank you for your bravery, and applaud your integrity!

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