Thursday, February 28, 2008

Okay One More Then I'll Stop..

Why am I posting again? Because I'm under the delusion that the whole world wants to read about every little thought that enters my brain. Not true? Too bad.

Anyway I've been wanting to start a post like this for while, and will post every Thursday under the appropriately titled Thursday's Temper Tantrums.

Yes folks, this post or posts as the case may be, will be about all the things that I don't like, piss me off, and/or irritate me. In a word, things I hate.

And the first post is dedicated to a furry black and white creature, commonly known as a skunk. Oh yes Pepe Le Pew I'm talking to you.

They aren't dead ones either. Sadly, these are repeat performers. The skunks in question have an obsessive affinity for perfuming our neighborhood, and sometimes our house, with their pungent aroma.

I frequently, like tonight for instance, will be sitting on the couch minding my own business when the first nauseating wave hits me. I sniff. I gag. I can't breath. Oh dear god no. Not another skunk. Oh the foulness of it all. Now we will have to move into a hotel for the night, because the smell will keep me up gasping for air.

Okay I exaggerate. A little. I will stay up gasping for air, but we won't go to a hotel. I'm not that bad, though don't think I haven't threatened to do just that when we had a skunk take up residence, and spray his lovely scent all up under the house.

That smell? Does not go away. It takes days. And I honestly almost slept in the car.

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