Friday, February 15, 2008

Keyboard, garbage, and stinky neighbors?

I'm happy to report that my keyboard situation is much better. Hooray! Yes I am getting used to the flatness. The flatness and I are now one. Good. Maybe I can finally throw away the box now.

My garbage situation however, has not improved. It is now going on three weeks without recycling or yard waste bins. Not sure what went wrong. Whether or not the neighbors snagged them, or the garbage company just forgot us. Did finally call them and they promised to send the bins out on Monday. Hmmm... Well see.

Talking about trash reminds me of my neighbors. Because honestly, the two years I have lived here, they have not put their garbage out once! I shudder to think of what they are doing with their refuse, but it definitely isn't making it to the curb every Thursday. Since I live in the mountains, it is not uncommon for people to burn their trash. However, this cannot be the case for our neighbors, for a couple of reasons, 1. You can only burn during certain times of the year, (obviously). If they did burn their trash surly there would be a mountain of it stinking up the yard during the months you can't burn right? But there isn't. And 2. the one time they did burn (whether or not it was trash I don't know) they started a fire and the fire department had to come and put it out. Not very comforting when living next door to these folks, especially since the other fire we had in the neighborhood was next door to them and they work at the fire department! Being a fireman, one would think that he would know better than to put ashes (that had not cooled off) from the fireplace into a bag and then set it in the yard. Imagine his embarrassment when needing to call the fire department to put out the fire. Wonder if he still works there?

Back to the neighbors. If they don't burn their trash, and don't put it out for collection, what the hell are they doing with it? Living with it? Is the house littered with reeking rubbish? If so, shouldn't we smell it when walking past their abode? And since they aren't the nicest folks in town, what with the fact that whenever I try to say hi to the weird scary mountain man who prefers to live under the house instead of in it, he never acknowledges my presence verbally, but instead, just stares in a very creepy sort of way, well, I'm sort of hesitant to ask.

It's all very strange and puzzling, but I think the important thing to address here is, why do I even care?

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