Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The good ol days

What happened to Hollywood? Remember the days when Hollywood was prestigious and glamorous? No? Well neither do I actually, but I wish I did. You see I have long felt that I was born in the wrong decade. Especially when it comes to movies and t.v.
Now, don't get me wrong I'm actually glad I was born when I was, because well hey, I'm still alive. But when it comes to entertainment, I have always preferred the classics. Which makes me feel a little like a freak in this day and age of reality t.v., and huge mega blockbusters. Blind Date or I Love Lucy? LUCY please!

Just for the record, I do like the modern stuff. There are lots of shows and movies I love and own. (I heart you Frasier!!!) And while I'm on the subject of television, what ever happened to good ol fashioned sitcoms? (Am I watching the wrong channels?) Why has reality tv taken over? I know I'm kind of out of the loop, but I just don't understand the appeal. I want to see fantasy, comedy, not people thrown together on a desert island to see who will cheat on their spouses. Unless of course it's Gilligan's Island. (Mr. Howell didn't cheat on Luvvy with Ginger or Mary Ann).

My obsession with the old days, has been a source of much frustration when it's time to pick a movie to watch with my husband. While he would rather watch dark drama, I want to see comedy classics with Bob Hope. (Although he has introduced me to the world of Tim Burton and Johnny Depp for which I'm grateful.) Going to the video store is a major time consuming chore as we stand staring a hundreds of movies trying to find just one we can both agree on. On the plus side he can now recognize songs from My Fair Lady and put names to the faces of such greats as Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn. I'm so proud!

But seriously, my problem is this. The classics of yesteryear were simple and fun. Good old fashioned entertainment. With crazy comedy antics and romantic love stories. The actors were fully clothed and sex scenes were non existent. Sure they alluded to sex, but you never saw it. And that's ok. Why? Because it's part of the thrill. The anticipation of whether or not they will get it on. It leaves a bit of mystery. Sure you want them to get together but you don't want to actually see it. Audrey Hepburn or Cary Grant wouldn't never flash their unmentionables on camera. (Sometimes there is such a thing as too much information folks.)
They were role models. Glamorous, exciting, suave and classy. Does anyone really want to see June and Ward Cleaver getting busy between the sheets? No. So why should it change for today? I know I'm sounding like the biggest prude, and someone who might be actually 83 instead of 33 years old, but I have a feeling I may not be the only one out there who thinks the same way especially women.

If anybody actually reads this blog, (Ha!) I may get some shit for this, but I'm going to say it anyway. (since no one going to read it :) )

The entertainment business? Is way out of control. At what point did it become ok to to bring the red light district into our adverage television and movie consumption. Not exactly hard core, but some of the content on these programs borders on soft porn. Sex sells. Yes it does. But other things do too, and honestly can't we tone it down a notch? If I wanted to see nudity and porn well I can just log on to the internet or buy a movie. It should be a choice, not mandatory viewing every time you watch a movie or t.v. show. Are Victoria's Secret commercials with pencil thin models simpering around in skimpy bras and panties really necessary? Save it for the catalogs. I don't need to have those aneroxic trophies on my television while I'm trying to watch some decent programming and eat my caloric infused pizza. Mmmmmm. Yummy. (Had to throw that in) Do we really need to see all the naughty bits of every actress who stares in a movie these days? And if so, what about a little equality? Why are there always only butt shots of men, and yet it's perfectly ok to show women fully exposed? If we have to watch it, give the women something to look at too. And what about children? They are being exposed to this also. Kids watch movies and television just like the rest of us (duh), and no it isn't always between the hours of 6am and 10 am. when the cartoons are on. They watch it at night too, and even when you are watching a fairly benign station like TBS which shows mostly reruns of older shows, you are still bombarded with commercials for sex lubricant, condoms, and yes those dreaded VS models. I haven't even touched on what it does to the self esteem of women. (eating disorders anyone?) Who are primarly shown as sex objects and as an image of beauty that besides being physically unattainable by 95 % of the population (Marilyn was size 12 people!), it is downright impossible without the aid of airbrushing, and Furthermore! ... Well you know what I'm getting it, and I'm running off on a separate tangent, so I'll stop. My point? The classics were pure and fun. Let's have some of that back.

Please Hollywood show a little decency and respect. Leave a little mystery and anticipation. It gives our minds something to think about, and that is actually a very powerful tool.

End of sermon.

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