Monday, February 6, 2012

Weight loss tips and pregnancy tests.

This is not my real weight.  Just in case you were wondering.
Ok, so get this.  I've lost 49 lbs!!  Without trying.  And eating anything I want!  Wanna know my secret?

Have a child!

Yes it's true, pregnancy made me loose weight.  I'm still not completely understanding it, but the fact is I'm the lowest I've been in 12 years.   The strange thing is, every time I start feeling fatter, like I've gained a pound or five, the scale always reads that I've lost yet another few pounds.

This was proven yet again the other day when I step on the scale, fully expecting to see it jump up at least 5 pounds, because we had been eating out like crazy, and I've been snacking seriously on desserts every single night, like all night, I was floored to see that another four pounds had disappeared!  

Now that's my kind of diet!!

Of course I understood I would loose some weight after having a baby, but to be 29  lbs below my pre-pregnancy weight??  No one told me of that little side effect.  Awesome!   

Yeah Ok, I'm nursing too.  I'm sure that helps a little.  Okay a lot.   But right now I'm choosing to believe that  I can eat everything I want, and still loose weight.  Heh. I wish!   I guess I'll just have to nurse for awhile.  Like forever.

Seriously I NEED my chocolate.  And without nursing, I'm pretty sure I'd blow up right back to where I was when I got pregnant.  Which btw is when I had just signed up for Weight Watchers (not knowing I was pregnant), because my weight was escalating at an alarming rate.  It wasn't really a surprise as I ate what I pleased, and enjoyed many late night chocolate and Cheetos induced meals.   So the fact that I gained a pound or two, alright 16, was hardly a shock.

What was shocking however, was after the first two weeks of strictly following those stupid points, and eating boring crap food, I managed to GAIN weight!   Everyone knows that when you start a diet, the first two weeks rock, as you tend to dump 4 to 5 pounds a week.  Then of course it trickles down to a measly one or two.  But the first couple are what motivate you to keep going.

So you can imagine my dismay as I stepped on the scale each week only to see negative results.  I would beat myself up all day trying to figure out, how the hell one gains weight on a diet.  I mean for crying out loud I was following the rules.  I was eating the right foods.  I did everything right.  Mostly.  Ok I may have cheated once or twice, but still I should have lost a little weight.

Then one night while watching I Love Lucy, the episode where she tells Ricky she is pregnant, something clicked.  And the dialogue in my head went a little something like this... Oh crap.  It can't be.  Actually, yes it could.  But after 5 years?  Anything is possible.  When was my last period?  I have no idea.  Nah, I can't be pregnant... But then again.... 

This back and forth dialogue went on for several minutes before I finally got the courage to get up, and check the calendar to see if I had kept track of Aunt Flo.  I knew I hadn't, but for some reason I thought If I looked long enough, I could somehow miraculously remember just when it was.  Nope.   After a bit of research though, and asking my husband (who had no clue) I finally figured out that, yes indeed I better get a test.

Now most people probably would have run out immediately to the closest store open that late at night and grab a bunch of tests.  But not me.  I waited 2 whole days, before I could actually take it.  I agonized, and worried, and sweated profusely, and cried, and basically freaked out about having to pee on a little stick.

See I was petrified It would actually be positive.  I didn't feel like I was ready to have a kid, let alone give birth to one.  That was the worst part.  Eventually it would have to come out, and not in an easy way.   Even though it would be nine months away, I was freaking out already.  And it hadn't even been confirmed yet.

Needless to say I took the test, and got a big fat positive!  Of course I'm ecstatic.  Now.  That it's all over.  I couldn't imagine not having a child in my life.  It truly is the best thing that ever happened to me.  I'd do it all over again in a heartbeat.   I think.  Of course I would!

At least it explained why I was getting fat.

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