Saturday, February 4, 2012

I think I need to live in a bubble

So this week has been the week of self inflicted stupid injuries, and to add insult to that, I also got fired. By mail.  Is that even legal?

Well ok I'll be fair, I haven't actually been to my place of employment since 2008 when I left on disability, so it's not exactly a surprise.  But still, I find it kind of humorous that it took 2 1/2 years to finalize my position.  And then it was in the form of a letter.  Not even a phone call.  Huh. 

No big deal though, as I do have another job.  Well sort of.  If you call painting, and selling art on a very part time basis a job. Luckily I do.  So there's that.

Plus being a mom to the little Nugget is definitely more than a full time job, and if I could find someone to pay me an hourly wage to change diapers, nurse, and sing 3 little kittens lost their mittens, then I'd be rich rich rich. 

Now, as far as the injuries go, let's just say it might be wise for me to wear protective padding, especially elbow pads.  And since I know you are just dying to find out how klutzy I can be, I will tell you.

The first injury happened while using the restroom.  Don't worry there isn't anything gross to tell.  Just that I was somehow leaving the throne, when upon standing up, I managed to lodge my elbow underneath the corner of the bathroom counter, and smack it pretty darn good.  So good that it hurt the rest of the day.

As if that wasn't stupid enough, the very next morning, I was getting out of bed (well the couch actually, but we are sleeping in the living room due to remodeling going on in the bedroom.)  Anyway, I'm trying to sit up when I wack the OTHER elbow on a TV tray.

That...HURT like some words I don't wish to say, in case any family members stumble across this post and gasp at the fact that I used foul language, even though that language was very appropriate for the time. 

Anyway, I'm pretty sure I screamed silently in paralyzed pain for about 5 minutes, while my husband watched in wonderment as to what the heck was wrong with me. Seriously.  I couldn't speak.   When I finally regained my voice I found that I couldn't even lift my arm.  At all.  I couldn't  put my hair up which unfortunatley I found out when I went to take a shower, so that meant I had to wash it one handed.  So that was exciting. 

And yet, that isn't all, nor is it the stupidest thing I did, because the next day (yesterday) I got the bright idea to clean out the fridge of rotting farm food.  We had some limp carrots and beets that I thought would juice nicely, so I did.

Well I drank that juice, and that was my mistake.  The first sip felt very gritty, but that didn't stop me from drinking nearly half the juice, or putting two and two together for that matter.  I just thought the juice was "earthy" and "nutritious".   Well I guess there was something in that grit (dirt perhaps?) because for the rest of the day, and part of this morning, my throat was irritated, sore, and scratchy. I think I may be the first person to hurt themselves while drinking.  I wish I could get a medal or something. 

In baby news, we introduced the highchair to the Nugget this week, and let's just say she is less then enthused about it.  Most of the time she flat out refuses to use it, and I can't for the life of me coax her into it.  Not even the bribe of food and toys works.

A rare moment in the chair of doom...

As soon as we get her near it, she turns into a rigid little board, and will not bend for anything.  So for now, I feed her standing up, and that is a huge pain!  Sometimes, she lets Mr. Nugget put her in it, but even then she isn't terribly pleased about the situation, and we don't get very far on the feeding front.   Oh well, maybe she will learn to love it.  Though she never did take to the bouncer.  To this day I think she may have used it a total of 5 times, for a total of 5 minutes.  Maybe the next one will like it.

Here's hoping the rest of the week will be easier!  

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Alma Mercer said...

sounds like a complicated week .