Thursday, June 3, 2010

Work in progress and other news

Oy, it's been an interesting week.

The main thing I did was poison myself eating too much health food. Yes, it is possible to do.

I am living proof, that too many vegetables=a lot of time spent in the commode. And I don't mean reading! Unfortunately it's taken until today to recover.

Luckily for me I finally realized I was overdosing on vegetables and whole grains, AKA fiber, so naturally I switched over to pizza, nachos, and ice cream. Feeling much better now!

In art news, above, you will see a disaster... I mean work in progress.

Actually that piece looks nothing like that now, but I don't have a recent photo, because I was too lazy to take it when I thought about it, and now I'm not home so I have no choice but to make due with this one. Of course I could wait until I get back home, and take a proper photo, but why do that, when I can waste a whole paragraph explaining why I posted this one?

Anyway, this is what happens when I paint, rather than do a collage. It's been forever since I've done a real honest to goodness painting, no help with papers, embellishments etc. that I forgot what to do. So bear with me, while I get my painting wings back on, it's going to be a bumpy ride I suspect.

In other even more interesting art news, yesterday I packed up all my art again, and took it over to the local library for it's summer vacation! I'm sad to see it go, since my walls are uglier than homemade soap when bare, but I know my collages will have a good time hanging out with the fine folks at the library.

Now, this is where thing go fuzzy. Somehow during the two hours it took to hang the work, I managed to agree to teaching a collage workshop.

I know!

If I woke up with my head sewn to the carpet, I couldn't have been more surprised than I was yesterday when I agreed to do a class. Me? Teach? Other people? As in, I need to speak in front of a crowd? Of people not of the imaginary kind?

Who took over my body, and said yes to that?

Now, I'm the kind of person that during collage on the first day of class, if any kind of public speaking was mentioned, as in you need to give a speech for your midterm, or I love to torture students so much that everyone will give a speech every other week kind of thing... I would walk out at the break, and scratch that class off my list forever.

If we were halfway through the semester, and the instructor announced a surprise speech, I would drop the class right then, no matter how much work was invested or if I needed that class to graduate. No way, no how. Not going to happen.

You get the idea, that public speaking terrifies me no? Though, perhaps this is why, I haven't graduated from collage, even though I've been out of high school for nearly 17 years?

Yet, despite all the shaking, hyperventilating, panic attacks, and sweating, I usually go through when I so much as think about talking in front of people.

It looks like I will in fact be teaching a workshop. Fancy that.


Pam Tucker said...

LOL! We were both born with the terrified to speak in front of a crowd gene! Glad to see you are conquering your fear. I still shudder at the thought. I did manage to get all the way through college with only one speech: in Spanish of all things!

I'm intrigued about this painting...can't wait to see more!

Renée Rothman said...

You will do fine teaching a workshop. No need to lecture, just guide people thru the project. The work will do all the teaching...we just have to look at the walls to be inspired. I'm already inspired!

jacqueline said...

I am sure you will do a great job teaching a workshop! I'm really interested in seeing the outcome of this painting! It's so lovely to have your art work hang at the library. Wish i stay close enough to visit! Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!

Juliette Crane said...

your blog is so lovely and fun! i just adore the background image and your collage work! how great is that that you'll be teaching a workshop! congratulations! thank you for making me smile so wide with this post. As a health foodie, i esp get that :)

best wishes to you & see you in kelly rae's class!

chrissy said...

thank you so much dear for paying a visit to my lil. ol. blog.
i am sooo happy you did.
you have a really fun place here and i just have to say...
that is awesome.
i had to speak at a womens conference a bit ago on being "content" {i wrote all about it in my blog somewhere} and it truly SCARED me to death.
you will ROCK because you are talking about what you love to do.
how are you liking flying lessons?
hope all is well.
enjoy your weekend.