Saturday, June 12, 2010

WIP Update

Just a quick update to show what I've done to my WIP from last week.  It is definitely not done yet, but I can tell you it has gone through so many stages. 

This last stage was an attempt at covering up the houses and basically starting over.  But after a few swipes with the brayer, I kind of liked how it was looking, so I stopped.  Now I'm letting it sit for a bit, while I figure out what do next.  Any thoughts?

So, I haven't been spending any time in my studio lately, which is really starting to bum me out.   It's not that I don't have the time, though I admit with Kelly Rae's  ecourse, I find myself on the computer much much more, trying to catch up with all her wonderful posts, not to mention all the comments, Holy cow! And, I'm also trying to blog hop and meet the folks in class. Which is a full time job right there. :)

It has been such a wonderful class and experience, and I'm so happy I signed up for it!

As expected, I'm learning tons of cool stuff in class, but for some reason, my desire to create actual art has vanished.  Again.  I so hate when that happen. , I wish I knew why I go through these phases, but at least I now know lots of other artists struggle with it too.  I always sympathize when I read on someone's blog how they are in a creative slump.  It just isn't any fun!   And I really hope it returns soon.  Because honestly, I miss creating. 

Fortunately, through class, I've been finding some really cool blogs and artists out there, and that has been inspiring me a lot.  Now I just need to step in the studio and start painting!

This blog in particular by Chrissy has totally inspired me to be creative in a new way for me.  I now want to    bust out the camera, and take a zillion pictures.  Perhaps to use in my collages somehow?  Hmm... Anyway, I'm so inspired by her photos of San Francisco and Napa Valley, that I want to head out there tomorrow and see if I can get a few cool shots too.  Luckily I live an hour away from SF so this is very possible. 

Then there is Juliette's blog   who's adorable whimsical creations are getting my creative juices flowing again.  (Thank goodness!)   I just love her characters! 

Actually I found a lot more people that have been inspiring me, but if I list everyone, this post would be about a mile long.   No lie.  I'm loving what I see out there!  It's so awesome we have the internet to meet people and see each others art, I can't begin to imagine how people connected artistically with out it.  It sure is a whole lot easier!


JanHosford said...

Love your work in progress and your blog looks awesome!

Jo said...

Hey, fellow flier and tweeter!! Awww, I love your blog... so colourful and inspiring.
I'm simply impressed that you are still creating... since the course started I've only really had time to go wild in my artjournal! I'm missing it but know that I need to use this opportunity to 'get my head straight' before progressing further.
Looking forward to seeing how your zingy 'house' scene develops... so far its gorgeous!
Hugs Jo xx

House of Hullabaloo said...

I love the new background! The colors and the subject is very endearing to me.