Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Little Pink Lady

I mean LITTLE. This canvas is 3x3 inches! The smallest I've done so far, and probably the smallest I'll ever do. It's loads of fun, but man working that small and finding teeny tiny embellishments isn't easy.

Since I've done my Om piece, I have manged to do 4 new collages in my regular style. I haven't done one since Christmas for my mom. I finally want to do them again. Very cool.

I found these 3x3 canvases by accident in an art store one day, and since they were so darn cute, I had to buy 5. Now I wish I bought more, because I have a whole sheet of these inchies that I want to use for the canvases. I'm going to make them all, and then maybe hang them together like a quilt.

I'm still working on my other techniques that I'm learning from my Kelly Rae book, but to be honest I got quite fed up with a particular piece, and switched over to my old stand by's.

The problem piece is my Katherine Howard collage. I'm trying to redo it, to make up the one I did last year, which came out terrible. I'm trying it again, using the new techniques, but unfortunately I chose a very difficult palette to work with, and I'm having a devil of a time getting the colors to flow together.

I'll take it out again, but right now I need to concentrate on these other pieces. Why? Well I'll tell you. It just so happens that ALL my art will be showing in a coffee shop here in my town! I'm know! I can't stop shrieking!

I'm setting it up later this week, and I'm super excited, because this will give me way more exposure than the gallery. Everyone goes to a coffee shop right? Plus I can put up all my pieces, and I get all the commission if anything sells. Eeeek! Keep your fingers crossed for me, I sure hope someone likes something I did, It would be neat to sell at least one thing.


Pam Tucker said...

First, Congrats on your showing in the coffee shop! I'm so excited for you...I can see why they want your work. I LOVE your collages!

Second, this new piece is fantastic! I love this color palette and find myself working with it more and more. I applaud your being able to work on such a small canvas. BEAUTIFUL! I can't wait to see more.

Michele said...

Thank you very much!!

Oh man those canvases are teeeny, but I love them. :) I think they will look so cute when they are all put together.