Monday, August 10, 2009

Que Sera Sera

My latest creation. Yet another mixed media collage on canvas. This one is named Que Sera Sera and is 10x10. I'm slowly working my way towards smaller and smaller surfaces. This is the smallest I've done so far ever! I really do like the smaller sizes right now.

I've named this one Que Sera Sera, because I like the meaning. Whatever will be will be. Something I need to remember on a daily basis, as I have a propensity to worry about unnecessary things. Especially the future.

The girls are images from Itkupulli and I chose them to hopefully convey a fun and carefree attitude. Basically worry free.

The rest is made up of various scraps of paper, stickers (some from K&Company), acrylic paint, buttons, glitter, and colored fibers.

1 comment:

WingingIt said...

loving your colors...i start out bright and then the piece gets darker, and darker, and darker...well you get the message...thanks for the inspiration to stay bright!!!