Friday, August 7, 2009

Anne of Cleves

Oy! I spent too much money today. I went to the scrapbook expo, and oh my goodness, did they have loads of good stuff.

Now I don't actually scrapbook, but I do use a lot of the supplies, like paper, stickers, glitter etc. So I still managed to do a fair amount of damage to the 'ol pocketbook.

It was fun though, and I got tons of cool things to use in future collages. I would take a photo of all my loot, but seriously, I couldn't fit it all in one picture, so you'll just have to see in worked into each collage.

Anyhoo, today's painting is a collage based on Anne of Cleves, Henry the Eighth's 4th wife. I'm not sure those are the colors she would have used, but the rest is all her.

In fact the alll the written words are copies of her signature, her motto, and a letter she wrote to Henry agreeing to their divorce. Pretty cool.

I don't know why but I totally took to Anne and Katherine Howard. I guess it's because I feel sorry for them. Well I suppose you could feel sorry for all of Henry's wives, but Katherine and Anne really got to me for some reason.

I did a Katherine Howard collage last year, and I really don't care for it, so I think I'll redo it more in the manner of Anne's.

As you can see, I tried using the same technique as the last one. It didn't come out nearly as involved as the Fear collage, but I still think it's alright. I especially like the beads and glitter I added at the end.

The rest is acrylic paint, heavy gel medium, gesso, beaded medium (for texture), fabric, string and images copied from the internet pertaining to Anne of Cleves.

I put that string gel on it, and for some reason the painting seems to be a bit glare-y. Which bums me out, but in certain lights it's not so bad.

I really like this kind of collage, it's a lot of fun to make a big mess, and see what come of it. Plus it's pretty easy to cover up mistakes! I think I'll be doing a lot more of these. I'm still trying to find my groove, but I'm slowly getting there.

Now tonight I get to play with all my loot!

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