Monday, September 8, 2008

Check this out...

Alrighty, just like I promised I'm starting the process of uploading my pictures. Here's a piece I finished last night for the Flickr group Collage Play with Crowabout run by Nancy Baumiller, check out her really awesome site here.

I love doing collage, but I'm so new at this whole art journal stuff, and am not used to working with such thin paper!

Right now, I'm doing all my work in a 9x12 Canson spiral bound notebook. I've been gessoing the pages, then putting a wash of acrylic down for the background. At this point I think the acrylic is too thick, as I'm having trouble getting the water soluable crayons and pencils to show up as vibrant as I want. I think I might try using even more water next time.

I know some people use watercolor, but with the book I'm using I'm not sure how the pages will hold up. I really think next time I will try watercolor paper, then bound the pages into a book on my own. Way more hassle, I know, but might be worth it. That is, if I can figure out how to do it!

For now though, this will work as I'm still in the "practicing stage". :) Next journal will be "real" art...

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