Monday, April 7, 2008

Raindrops on roses..

I realize I haven't posted in almost a week now, but I have a good excuse. Really.

Well ... sort of.

You see, I actually have a life outside the blogosphere. Well OK, that's actually untrue, but play along with me on this one okay?

Anyhoo, One day, in a fit of energy, I accidentally unleashed something that I haven't seen or dealt with in quite awhile. Can you guess what it is?

Go on, I'll give you a minute..

Got it?


Well alright I'll show you.

But if you are of the squeamish persuasion you might want to scroll past this really quick to the next section.

OK ready? Look closely now, but be very quiet. I don't want to scare it away...

Here it is ...


Yep that's right.

I found Snoopy drawing Woodstock, while I was cleaning out the hall closet. I find him like that every few years lurking around dark dirty corners of my house. He usually resurfaces when I go on a big cleaning spree ...


Gosh I can't understand why you don't believe me!

Honestly. My feelings are really hurt. I may never blog again. I bet you feel bad now don't you?



Well alright, it is actually my inner artist. I totally thought I'd lost it. But In a rare moment I was actually able to capture a picture of it, so I could prove that it still exists. Pretty amazing huh?

If you ask nicely and promise not to laugh, I might show you what I'm working on in a future post.

In the meantime, I'll entertain you with a few of my favorite annoying things that have happened this past week. Some if not all may or may not have happened today.

1. When a pile of dirt loosely resembling one of your cats, comes tearing through the house, the second AFTER you have just mopped, swept, and vacuumed. And then proceeds to lie around on every available surface spreading even more muck around.


2. When your husband decides that crunchy Cheetos in the very noisy bag is the perfect snack to eat, while you are trying to take a much needed nap on the couch.


3. When you decide to make the 30 minute trek over the hill, to go to the nearest art store, only to find that 3/4 of the way there, the road is closed. Causing you to turn around, go back the way you came and all the way around the mountain resulting in an extra hour of travel time, just to get a tube of paint and a bottle of glitter.


Bonus: When you get back home, and then don't feel like working on painting, making that whole trip to the art store completely worthless.

Even better, is the fact that you could have just waited until the next day, when you would be at work, in very close proximity to said art store, and could have picked up supplies on your way home.

And last but certainly not least,

4. When one of the five cats you own decides that peeing in the appropriate places that he's gone all his life, i.e. outside or the litter box, is no longer good enough, and instead pees willy nilly wherever he damn well pleases. Including but not limited to:

Your bed 3 times, resulting in 3 different comforter washings,
Your purse,
Your car registration papers,
The stove,
And ...
Yours truly. 3 different times. Once In the face.

Bonus, when said cat has been taken to the vet to rule out medical reasons for this behavior and none is found, resulting in the terrible realization that peeing around the house is actually his choice, and now you have a very difficult behavior problem to deal with.

Even better? When a different cat gets wind of what's going on, and decides to pee all over your husbands circuit boards he's building for work.

Ah yes. Good times


~Static~ said...

Ahh, good times good times. I especially like finding cat poop in my shoes. That's LIKE the best, EVAR!

Michele said...

Oooh that would be nice!!

Michael C said...

That's a rough few days! Our cat used to throw up everywhere. There is nothing though like the scent of cat urine in the morning...where it's not supposed to be.

And yes, show us the art sometime, please??

Michele said...

Oh the cat puke. I forgot about that. We have our abundance as well. What is it with those furry vomit makers?

And since you asked nicely, I'll do a special art post just for you. :) Keep in mind it will be a bit, since I'm still working on it, though I suppose I could do a before and after series. Hmm. that's a thought...

Mikiye Creations said...

It was funny until the cat pee part!


Michele said...

Mikiye-Thanks. :) The cat pee is not fun though, hopefully we will curb that problem soon.

Thanks for compliments on the house. My hubby and I both like a house that is unusual. Our decorating sense probably seems odd to most people, but we love it!