Saturday, March 15, 2008

Only slightly Looney now..

Yay me! I'm finally done! It only took a day and a half, but I'm finished. For now anyway. There are still some things to fix, but right now I don't care.

This whole personalizing my blog thing was a huge pain the ass, frustrating, screaming, kicking, fighting, crying.. experience. Ok. Not quite that bad, but close.

Since my changes aren't anything fancy, I wish I could say that it was easy. But it wasn't.

It should have been though. At least according to the directions I was following on how to change your background. Holy cow. No matter what I did, and I did it per the directions several times, it would not come out! I tweaked and tweaked and nothing.


The same old Blogger template sat staring back at me. Finally I got my background to appear but behind the template so you could hardly see it except about a millimeter on each side. WTF? It just didn't make sense.


It was about this time that I started entertaining the idea of throwing my laptop across the room. A thought that crossed my mind, more than half heartedly on several occasions because my new one is being shipped as we speak. HA!

So, after about 8645 attempts and tweaks I finally got blogger template to disappear, but the background?

Was white. Argh!

Still, at least It wasn't rose anymore.

Needless to say this was really getting on my nerves. If I was a drinker still, I would have looked like this I'm sure,

Even without the alcohol, I still felt like that.

I should probably point out that this project did nothing to help relations between my husband and I either. Things came to a head this morning when I asked one question too many about Photoshop.
Seriously, after the evil look he gave me, Photobucket I decided to keep to myself after that. Sadly I don't think the silent treatment I issued after this incident, had any effect on him.

Prior to this we had been bickering like children. There is something about trying to learn Photoshop and html, that brought out the frustruation in both of us to WW III levels.

It was like the blind leading the blind, although in his case he should have been less blind, seeing as he has experience with programming and junk. But never mind.

After about 385 more attempts I was finally ready to stop using the practice blog and try it out on the real deal. I was so nervous, I might as well have been at the doctor. All those hours of hard work boiled down to this one crucial moment. If it didn't work I was really going to throw my computer.

Let's say a little prayer shall we..


OMG! Hallelujah! I couldn't believe it. It worked! I was so happy I broke my self imposed silent treatment towards my husband and rushed out to show him.


Victory is mine!!

And the funny thing is, it was me, the one who knew absolutely nothing about html or editing it, who finally figured the whole mess out. Ha!

I think I deserve snaps for that don't you?


Tamera Daun said...

Oh, I so know what you mean. And, you were REALLY brave breaking out your own template. Congrats! Those small little victories mean so much. HA! Who needs those hubbies.
*Yes, we can*!!! lol

Stace said...

So did you stumble upon 'the secret'? I would love to get rid of the blogger template but don't know how, really. I mucked around with it a bit and it looks okay in Firefox, but wrong in IE! How frustrating... And it would be a mare if I somehow lost all my postings so I haven't done anything since.

Michele said...

Temera: Yes they do don't they? And hubbies? Sometimes are totally useless. He-he.

Stace: Yeah I figured it out. For me it meant a TON of tweaking with the html, I literally just went down the page and took things out one by one, if parts of the blogger template disappeared I left it out, if not I put it back in.

I did this all on a practice blog first. that way whatever I messed up wasn't a big issue.

There is an awesome site called Tips for new bloggers that shows you step by step how to make changes to the blogger templates. You should check it out. It's very easy and understandable.