Thursday, March 13, 2008

Under Construction

Photobucket As you can see I'm trying to update the look of this blog, however I'm having some trouble. I just can't get the darn dimensions right. I have been fooling with this crap for the last 4 hours and I'm too tired to do more.

So please bear with me if this blog is sloppy looking, I promise I will get it fixed soon. Although It might not be until Saturday.

That's all and good night.



Lilly Mouse said...

Hi Mich, I thought I'd be a good little blogging mouse mascot and look at your page source.

You can easily fix your problem with maths :)

Your body and content-wrapper is 987px, now minus 483 for your main-wrapper, minus 247 for your sidebar-wrapper and again 247 for your #newsidebar-wrapper. What do you get?

Which explains that little extra on the right, right?

Visit me at if you need more help :)

Ciao, LillyMouse

Lilly Mouse said...

I still think you have a great looking site, though! Brava. Ciao!

Michele said...

Thanks Lillymouse! And I finally figured out the header and background problem. :)