Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Weirdness in the driver seat

So while at work the other day, I was busy surfing.. I mean working, when I found a forum about the strangest things people have seen while driving. The usuals were there, talking on cell phones, putting on makeup etc. Reading was another biggie. (wtf?) how do you read and drive? Outrageous.

Anyway reading the comments of course brought back a couple memories of my own.

Here are some of the weird things I've seen other people do while driving around..

1. Someone eating a steak. Which isn't too terribly weird I suppose if they were eating it with their hands and gnawing at it like a caveman. You know, because they were in a hurry and steak was handier at the time than a burger.

But no this person, actually had it on a plate, driving with their knees (I assume) and cutting it up with these,


Etiquette should never be ignored folks.

2. I once saw the Too Wong Foo car driving down Melrose Ave. in Hollywood, totally decked out and complete with three men in drag hooten, hollering, and dancing.

Too funny. I wish I could've gotten a picture.

3. Last but not least, my very favorite. A person driving with an IV bag hanging from the rear view mirror. I kid you not. I'm not sure if it was actually attached to the driver but I assume it was, because why else would it be hanging there? Perhaps some sort of medicinal beverage?


Does this mean fuzzy dice are out of fashion now? Damn!

What about you guys? What are some of the weird things you have witnessed people doing while driving?


theoffendedblogger said...

Well, once I saw a guy reading a book driving down the freeway. I would have never believed people do that, it is incredibly stupid and dangerous!!

He was driving a BMW, too.

Ugh. :)

Michele said...

That's Crazy!

I wonder if their thought process is something like this.. "Hey I'm driving, now would be a great time to catch up on my reading!"