Monday, February 11, 2008

Why do you hate us?

Dear Department of Sanitation,

I would like to know why you saw fit, to take away our recycle and yard waste bins? What is something we did? Since this event has occurred two weeks ago, we have been without a proper way to dispose of our recyclables and Christmas tree. I do however want to thank you for the very shiny new garbage can we received last Thursday. I have to admit that after the stunt you pulled with the other bins, I was hesitant to put out my trash for pickup this past week, especially when I saw that it too had disappeared. Bastards! I thought. But then had to retract my curses when I saw the nice shiny new gray bin arrive in it's place a hour later. So thank you again. Even though the new one isn't as big as the previous brown one, I'm sure you have special reasons for that decision, that are unrelated to the fact that you could make more money from us, if we needed to purchase a bigger can in order to fit in all our damn garbage! But I digress, like I said, we have no way to dispose of our waste in an earth friendly matter such as was the original intent of the recycling plan. Because of this we are forced to fill up our tiny trash bin (thank you again :) ), even faster than usual because the recycling is very bulky. As a result, the garbage in the house is over flowing at an alarming rate, and I fear a possible cockroach or worse rodent infestation. Please, in all that is sanitary what are you going to do to put my fears at ease? And the trash in it's proper place?


Michele (Loyal customer since March 2006)

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