Sunday, February 10, 2008

Adventures in keyboard shopping

So this past week, my husband has taken it upon himself, (I'm not complaining) to update my computers. (one Mac laptop and a PC desktop which can be hooked up to work together. I like the bigger screen on my desktop computer). Anyway, after finishing this task, I decided I needed new accessories to go with my now fancy updated equipment. My last item to be purchased to make my desk complete was a new keyboard. Pretty standard.

Our adventure started out when my husband and I made the trek to the closest Apple store, because they usually have pretty accessories. Think color. Upon entering the store I found that they only have 3 kinds of keyboards. The newest one, was on prominent display at every computer terminal. The prices were reasonable, about $50 which is good as we are trying to make an effort to cut back on our spending. The problem? It's flat. I mean really flat. I know this is the new style, but I'm just not used to not being able to feel the keys as I type. Call me old fashioned, but that's the way I am. The other issue was they didn't have any pretty colors. (note to Apple computer, this is a very good idea). What happened to the cool clear ones, that had color around the edges? In case you haven't noticed, I like color, and my room reflects this part of my personality disorder, I mean trait, as the first thing you notice are the bright orange and hot pink walls. Not the paint choices for everyone I know, but I like a nice cherry warm feel to my rooms. Needless to say I was less than enthused with Apple's choices. So we had no choice but to go to Fry's, the closest store that has computer accessories.

First I have to mention that most of the time I loathe going to Fry's especially with my husband. (This is also true for any computer/hardware store. Home Depot anyone? ) Why? Because he can stay in that store for hours looking at various gadgets and electronic toys, all of which he doesn't actually need, while I trail along, trying unsuccessfully to stear him towards the checkout line. So, even though I really wanted a cool new keyboard I was very hesitant to go. Finally after much deliberation (and lunch) I agreed. This is what happened...

Fry's Electronics Parking Lot:

Me: Okay so we are just going in to see if they have a cool keyboard right?

Hubby: Yes.

Me: There isn't anything else you want or need?

Hubby: Nope.

Me: That means we can go straight in and get the keyboard and leave right?

Hubby: Absolutely.

Me: Okay let's do this.

We walk into the store with me leading the way, like I know exactly where to the keyboard section is, but in actual reality, do not have a clue. We are walking down the main isle when a pretty pink display catches my eye. Stop to admire nice pretty computer accessories, including, can it be? A pink laptop? Oh I have to have one of those, that is too cool. Inspect laptop. Hmmm. Not actually pink, just display background reflecting on shiny metal . Well that's actually a good thing. We shouldn't be spending hundreds of dollars on stuff we don't actually need. Crisis adverted. Move on to next aisle. Yes this looks like the right area, I'm sure the keyboards are down here... OH WOW! Look at that pink leopard print mouse! I didn't know they made cool designs like that. Oh and look at that one with the flowers..

Me: (pointing eagerly at mouse) "Honey? Can I get that pink leopard print mouse"?

Hubby: "You have a pink mouse at home that you just bought two days ago".

Me: "Oh". ( whoops I forgot about that) "But that one is just plain pink, look how cool this is".

Hubby: "Very cool. But you don't need it, and it won't work with your computer".

Me: "Why not"?

Hubby: "Cause it's not wireless".

Me: (So?) "Okay fine".

Stare wistfully at mouse that I will never ever own, because of mean husband. After a few moments, turn attention back to task at hand. Keyboards. Ick. All the keyboards are black. What is the deal with black anyway? They have 35 different styles and all are black. These are way to ugly to be displayed in my room. There must be something else.

Hubby: "Hey they have the Mac keyboard here and it's 3 dollars cheaper".

Me: "I'm not sure about that one, it's too flat".

Hubby: "Well which one do you want"?

Me: "None they're all ugly. Let's go". I turn and make for the exit.

Hubby: " Are you sure? What about this one"?

Hubby holds up different keyboard that I somehow passed over, which is amazingly not in black.

Me: " Hmmm..." Inspect keyboard. "Yeah, this is kinda cool, let's get it".

Hubby: (Frowning as he scrutinizes keyboard) "No this one won't work, it doesn't have the blah, blah, blah".

Me: "Okay".

At this point I go back to the Mac keyboard which is the only decent looking one, and reconsider it's flatness. The problem is I'm too lazy to go to another store and really this the only one that isn't totally dorky looking. I'm sure the other stores will just have a bunch of the same stuff. Plus It has that nifty little button on it, that will allow me to bring up my dashboard instantly. Way cool.

Me: "Okay I'll get the Mac one".

Hubby: "Are you positive"?

Me: "Yes". Have sudden feeling that will be experiencing buyers remorse later tonight.

Finally we are walking toward the checkout. By way of the CD aisle. Try to take secret glances at CD's as we walk, because I could really use some new music. Just lingering ever so slightly at the soundtrack section when hubby draws my attention by asking if we should get a dance pad for our Wii. Now there's a thought. That would be cool. I could get my jam on, and use it as a form of exercise all while playing a game. Okay let's get one. We make our way to the Wii section where I locate the nearest employee who looks to be all of 13 years old.

Me: "Excuse me?"

13 yr old turns and stares.

Me: "Is there a dance pad for the Wii"?

13 yr old: "Yes".

Stare expectantly waiting for him to show me where it is. Blank stares from 13 yr old.

Me: "Ummm.. Do you have it"?

13 yr old wanders over to display two feet away and hands me box.

Me: "Thank you"!

13 yr old, still staring like a deer in the headlights. Okay, he's a little weird. Why doesn't he say something, or move on and do some work? Whatever. Take dance pad and show to hubby, and make to leave the Wii section, at which point I exclaim loudly while pushing 13 yr old to the side,

"Oh look they have Bomberman"!! I love that game, we have to get it".

Hubby: "It looks lame".

Me: "Are you kidding? This was the coolest game, next to Zelda of course. This isn't the original game, but I'm sure it's loads of fun".

Hubby: "Still think it looks stupid".

Me: "Ha! Just wait til you play it mister".

Just in case though, decide to look at back description again. Wow, it does look kinda lame. No real adventure game with cool worlds and levels, just a bunch of mini games. Rats. I put game back sadly, but grab Pirates of the Caribbean to make up for it. Lucky me, Pirates passes with hubby, so I get to keep it. Ha!

Hubby: "What about Lara Croft? This looks fun".

Stealthily pull Ratatouille off shelf and secretly place it in stack under Pirates. Feign interest in Lara Croft for a minute, while hubby looks at more games. Hand it back saying if he wants it we can get it. Turn back to study games again, when hubby pointing to my stack of games asks,

"What have you got there"?

Me: "Nothing". I Turn away so he can't get to my stash.

Hubby: "Seriously what game is that"? He grabs for the games, but I squirt away triumphantly. "Did you put Bomberman in there"?

Me: "Noooo".

Hubby: "Well what is it"?

Reluctantly I hold up Ratatouille. A small disagreement ensues, but he agrees to get it. Score! After spending ages more looking over games we decide to claim our purchases and actually make it to the checkout. When the cashier announces our total of $230, I'm slightly shocked.

Me: "You know, we should have bought that keyboard at the Apple store".

Hubby: "Why is that"?

Me: "Because it would have saved us money".

Hubby? "What are you talking about, it was cheaper here, we saved three dollars".

Yeah, our 15 minute shopping spree for a $50 keyboard turned into an hour and a half and we spent $180 extra. This folks, is why we should never ever shop together. Neither on of us has control and we both get distracted easily. Lesson learned? Probably not.

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