Sunday, February 24, 2008

A funny thing happened on the way home...

So my husband and I were driving home. Up our mountain road, through the rain and mudslides, and just as we reached the summit, what to our wondering eyes should appear?

Unicycles. Not one, but three.


There are so many weird things with this picture. First of all when did unicycles come back in fashion? Sure I've seen them before, but in circuses, and parades. Not on the streets, and certainly not on a mountain road. This particular road I might add is extremely narrow, curvy and uphill. It's a rare site to see a bicycle attempting it and every time I see one, I think how crazy they are. Heck, It's hard enough to chug a car up it, plus it's so narrow, two cars side by side barely fit. So how a unicyclist managed to work their way up is beyond me. I am seriously impressed.

Wow. A quick hop over to Wikipedia, just taught me there is a whole new world I was unaware of. The unicycle world.

Apparently unicycles are very popular. There are even conventions for them. They come in various styles depending on which terrain you ride, and there is even something termed a MUni, which is short for mountain unicycling. You can actually go off road like a mountain biker would. Who knew?

There it is folks a mountain unicycle. Not just for circuses anymore.

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