Thursday, March 17, 2011

Babies, blogs, paintings, and fears.

Oh boy.  As if I needed yet another reason to stay on the internet and suck up all my time. I just discovered the world of "mommy blogs".  Since I'm about to be a mother, today I got the brilliant idea to join some mom groups, and check out some cool mom blogs. 

Well.  It's been a few hours, and I'm still reading.  Yikes!  I really really should be working or cleaning tonight, but I managed to waste so much time, that now I have no desire to wash dishes, vacuum, do the laundry, tweet, list any new products, read Etsy forums, or paint.  All I want to do is find more blogs to entertain me, and watch Get Smart.  Gosh I'm getting lazy in the 3rd trimester.   Holy Moly, it's the 3rd trimester already!!  I can not believe how fast time flew.  I keep thinking I have many more months to go, yet I only have a couple.  

And here's something interesting about me, most of you probably don't know.  I've had a life long fear of hospitals.  I mean really fearful, like I don't like looking at them even.  Yet, in June I will be staying in one!  Oh my goodness, I just can't believe it, but unless I'm lucky enough to have a very quick birth on the way to the big scary building I really can't get out of it.  I went in the other day to see where I'm supposed to check in, and got my forms but that was all I was all I could do for the day.  I'm hoping to acclimate myself to them before the big day. 

At least at the end of my hospital visit in June, I'll get a prize!  As the time draws closer and closer, I'm super duper scared, but at the same time, I'm really looking forward to meeting our little girl.  I really think we will have a good time together, and I absolutely cannot wait to dress her in all the cool clothes we bought.  :)  But I was a little bummed when I found out they don't draw until a few years old. Poo.  I was totally looking forward to arts and crafts time.  I really really hope she likes getting messy too like with paints, because If I end up having a mini Felix Unger on my hands, I don't know what I'll do.  Only time will tell. 

btw the elephant painting you see above, is Elinor. A mixed media 12x12 painting on canvas.  She may or may not be related to Ellie.  And the original Ellie lives in New York now, so they don't get to see each other like they should.  :)  And, if you don't already know this, Elinor can be found kicking it over on Etsy .

And thanks again to all you guys who participated in my giveaway.  I'll be sending prizes out soon.  Some I need to make, like the necklace, but I'm hoping to get the print, cards, and postcards out tomorrow. 


House of Hullabaloo said...

Thanks for reading my blog! Hey - When is your baby due? Boy or Girl?

WhisperingWriter said...

Just beware the Mom Blogs that try and make you feel guilty about your choices. Or the downright insane ones. ;)

Donna Heart said...

Hey Michelle - so exciting to hear your are are a soon-to be mumma! Very very cool news ;) I think I'd hedge my bets on the fact she'll be one to enjoy getting messy/dirty/creative though - most kids absolutely love it!!! Can't wait to ear how it all goes - make sure at 6 weeks you have your bags packed ;)
X Donna

Terri Morse said...

Hi Michelle! I was just reading that you were bummed about little ones not drawing until they're a few years old. My son was two when I put a crayon in his hand and put him in front of his Little Tykes easel. I have the cutest photo of him coloring and making marks on the paper. Don't despair, it will happen sooner than you think! I love your art work. It reminds me of Eric Carl, but incredibly original. I'm having a great time browsing. You do wonderful work! Terri

Shelley Whiting said...

Love your bright vibrant colors. Your art is fun and your animals are really cute.