Wednesday, November 10, 2010

"Essie Car Go"

Just wanted to introduce my latest painting!   This is "Essie" the snail, short for "Essie Car Go", but don't worry she won't end up on anyone's dinner plate, thanks to her wide innocent eyes and friendly smile, no one can bear to punish her for eating all the pretty flowers in the garden. 

Kind of like the banana slugs in my garden, they constantly munch my flowers but are so cute I feel sorry for getting mad at them, and of course I let them stay.  Total pushover I know.  :)

Anyway some of you may remember her as work in progress pic a couple months ago on Facebook.  At that time all I had done was the shell and background. She's been waiting and waiting in my studio  for me to finish her, because I couldn't decide if I liked her background or not, but after decorating it with bright yellow flowers, I decided it could work after all.  She's been almost finished for a month, because I've been too busy and maybe a tad lazy to glue the flowers down, well over the past weekend I lit a fire under and butt and actually sat down did it.  Finally she is finished! 

You can find her on Etsy as an original right now.  I will have prints up soon, and most likely postcards, necklaces, and greeting cards, depending on how popular she is. 

Hope you all like her!


Ophelia said...

I just absolutely LOVE this! You are so awesome!!

Marylinn Kelly said...

As one who is also wild about color, I enjoy your work very much...not only lively and vivid but with gentle humor as well.