Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Thanks yous, a commission and few other things

Hey everyone!  I just wanted to say thank you so much to everybody who participated in my blog giveaway!! It being my first giveaway, I didn't really know what to expect, but I found out that is was really a whole lot of fun!  I definitely plan to have another one, and yes, I will have my handy assistant pick the names again.  :) 

I'm so glad you all enjoyed the video of him.  At first I was only going to take a bunch of step by step pictures, but then my husband said why not take a video?  Well yeah, why not?  That was a great idea!   Anyway, don't be surprised if you see him staring in another video at the next giveaway.  :)

Now the picture you see above is a commission I did for a friend of mine.  It is for her little girl Zoey.  My friend is a huge lover of ladybugs, so it came as no surprise that when she asked my to do a painting for Zoey that a ladybug would be involved.  I had a lot of fun making this, but I have to say I had trouble with the face.  For the longest time, this poor bug looked like Al Jolsen.  I found it was a lot harder to paint facial features, when the whole face is black.   Anyway, I'm off tomorrow to give her the painting, and I really hope she likes it!

Right now I'm currently working on a lot of things.  I've got 2 other commissions to get done for friends, and I am still trying to make more of my animal paintings.  I've already got a whale started, and really want to do a cat right now too.  Unfortunately I haven't had much time to paint, well no time actually, as I've been busy outside of the house enjoying summer.  Finally!

And also trying to get a lot of the business side stuff done.  I just ordered new business cards, mailing labels and a set of postcards which I can't wait to get, and show you.  I'm also working on a new website, and I'm so excited about it.  I can't believe I'm saying that because I hated the making of the website I have now.

In fact my husband did it for me, bless him, but the problem is I have no clue how to update it.  None.  And he is always so busy working that I hate to bother him with it, therefore nothing new has been posted since it first went up.  Obviously this won't do.  So I took matters in my own hands and went to Squarespace.  So far I'm loving what I can do there, and the best thing is it's all on my own!! 

And one last thing, I've been trying so hard to get around to everyone's blogs and see what you all are up to, but this past week has been super hard to keep up.  I'm so sorry I've been missing in action lately, I assure you I love reading and seeing what you all post, and am trying to make it a point the rest of this week to properly catch up with everyone. 

Thank you so much to everybody who has been dropping by and leaving comments, I just love hearing from you, and I am truly thankful for all the new friendships I have been making.  This has been a wonderful experience for me, and I couldn't have gotten this far, without all of you!  Love you guys!! 


Rebecca Anthony said...

Sounds like you've had a productive week, I love the ladybug!!

House of Hullabaloo said...

Dang it! I missed the give away! I haven't been visiting lately - Got to do better! Love the lady bug!

chrissy said...

love the ladybug...
so sweet.

Elizabeth GLZ said...

WOW So happy for you Michele! The energy is felt as far as where I am in Puerto Rico. Love the passion you are spreading with your work.. Keep Enjoying it!!