Thursday, July 15, 2010

3 new pieces and a bunch of inspiration!

 I have a few new pieces to show you all.  I'm on a huge roll right now, and I'm painting like a maniac, right now I'm working on a commission but I have lots of new art lined up.

This past week, I was totally inspired by a post by Ophelia over at Ophelia's Art.  She talked about how her daughter just jumped in and starting painting a canvas with no care as to how it might come out, whether or not she would muddy her colors etc.

She was just being a kid and having fun and letting the creativity  flow without worry.   It totally came out awesome too!

When I read that post, I had spent the last few days trying so hard to catch on up on blogs, Twitters etc, that I was sick and tired of the computer.  I wanted to paint, but felt physically and emotionally drained.

After reading about her daughters painting, I was so inspired to try and paint as freely as a child would, that I ran to my studio at 11:30 pm and went for it.  I created two canvases that night and finished them the next day.  That started the ball rolling for a series of paintings that I want to do.  Different whimsical cartooney animals!  They are so much fun to create, and I now have a very long list of critters I want to paint.  I'm so excited about this, and I have Ophelia's daughter to thank!

So here we go, I have to two animals to show you, and one canvas from a while ago that I finally finished.
The little guy you see above is called Hootie, and he is on a 12x12 canvas.  His body is actually fuzzy!  I used hot pink flocking on him, and I love how it came out!

This is Ellie, and is actually the first canvas I did that night. It's so simple but I love it, and it was the best painting experience I've had in months!

This is the piece that was inspired by It's A Small World.  I gave her a slightly crazed look, and I used gears because I always liked the gears the Small World Castle had, so I made my own and put them in her hat.  Somehow it just seemed to fit. 

Tonight I will be listing these paintings on Etsy along with a bunch of new prints, so keep your eyes peeled for new art! 

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Elizabeth said...

I love elephant paintings and yours is gorgeous! I felt the same as you. Yesterday I needed a rest from the computer. I was so happy painting. My studio became a mess with papers and paint all over the floor and table but I was so inspired and happy. I aoso had a photoshop class and as you saw I worked in my first button. Keep enjoying your creative journey! ♥♥

Jo said...

Oh Michelle, these new creations are soooo cute! They really made me smile on this murky grey morning here in the UK... thank you for cheering me up, dear friend.
Wow, I'm so excited for you! There's nothing more wonderful than 'going with the flow' and following our muse's leading... even it means lack of sleep LOL. Don't worry about the old internet, emails and stuff - we're still here, completely and totally understand, and are actually cheering you on too! Go girl and fly!!!!!
huge hugs xxxx

Rebecca Anthony said...

You are on a roll my friend. Keep it up these pieces look incredible! I got my postcards yesterday and I LOVE THEM!!!! Thanks for the bird as well, it's a treasure for sure!! I can't wait to frame them now(O:

RobanStudio said...

Hi Michelle,
Thanks for stopping by at Musings on Art for Artwalk Friday! I love your new creations! I have been wanting to paint like this too, but have been afraid to. Maybe I should toss the fear and just go for it. I especially like your elephant. SOoooooo cute! See you on the FB "Flyers" pages!

jacqueline said...

Dearest Michelle, these new paintings are gorgeous and they made me smile!! It's always soo fun to let your creativity to just go with the flow! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!

Theresa said...

Love the vivid color and whimsy!

NatashaMay said...

These are lovely! So bright and fun.

jasperandblue said...

what fun, happy paintings

DeeJae (Deb) said...


I just found your blog through a rabbit trail off the trail via the "Blog Hop." I know your giveaway is over but I wanted to tell you I love your Owl and especially love the happy colors. I've followed you in your side bar and will be back to see more of your art.