Monday, June 14, 2010

A Few Things I'm Working On

I haven't been in the studio much in the last few weeks, which means I have loads of projects lying around waiting to be finished. 

After spending almost the whole day on the computer blog hopping, checking Facebook, and Twitter, reading my class notes, etc.  I finally got sick and tired of sitting in one spot staring at a monitor. 

I was starting to feel anxious in a way that meant I needed to create.  The only problem was I didn't feel like it.  So I sat and wasted even more time contemplating whether or not I should paint, when finally after some Twitter encouragement, I decided what the heck, and gave it a go. 

I'm working on the middle piece right now, but it is drying so I gave myself permission to take a break (like I needed one), and post this real quick.

So the picture you see above, are 3 WIP's. I've been hanging on to them for a while now, and just can't seem to finish them.  The bird on the right, I'm kind of skeptical about since it looks like he has a disease. Which reminds me of tapioca pudding.  Which to me looks like a disease.  I can't eat that stuff with all those little bumps floating around it grosses me out.  Always has.  I don't eat rice pudding either for the same reason.  Yep I know I'm strange.

Anyway, the bird looks like a flapper chicken with a disease worthy of Bewitched, something along the lines of "purple glitter spot syndrome". 

But I am really curious to see how these guys turn out.  The middle and left one, I have specific plans for.  It will be interesting to see if they turn out like I am hoping. 

In other news, I'm sure you have noticed that I changed the look of my blog.  That's another thing I spent far to much time on today.  I really wanted to make it a 3 column layout, and after fighting with the new blogger design center for a hour, and finding out my blog template no longer exists (what the heck?), I finally found a proper tutorial.  So I got it done, but now I don't know if I like it.  

The blog looks really busy to me now, and I'm not sure how good that is.  In one way it is awesome to have the extra room, but on the other I liked the simplicity of the two column look.  Decisions, decisions.  What do you think?  Is it too much?

Although if you say it needs to go back to two column, I don't have a clue how to change it again.  Doh!


risa said...

I've been tweaking my blog too (thanks for visiting and following!)...I like the 3-column layout. I think yours looks good. Just keep playing with things...perhaps try a lighter background--doesn't have to be white, it could be light gray or that yellowish-cream color that would match your header. I know for my old eyes it's harder to read text with the black background. Oh, another cool thing you can do in the blogger design mode (under "advanced" header, I think) is change the width of your columns. I think if you make one of the side columns smaller and the center column slightly larger, it might seem less busy and the focus will be on your writing!

Just thoughts...I'm no expert! I think it's fun to play...but I get scared too about not knowing how to return to what I had!

Love the start of your new work! Can't wait to see how they progress!

Ophelia said...

I LOVE what you are doing here....
Don't you just love how the whole day seems to fly once you click on ONE blog link....

An'Angelia Thompson said...

Hi, Michele! (You spell your name with one "l" like my sis :o) Anyway, You have a bright, colorful blog that I LOVE! I found you through the Blog Hop. Stop by and say "hi" sometime! Angelia #124 (My sis, Michele, had a tick on her one time when we visited our family in TN. I was HORRIFIED! lol)

Rebecca Anthony said...

I LOVE LOVE all these colors!