Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Under the Sea

Ooooh, I'm in love with this piece! I don't normally gush about my own art, but I really love this. I just love how the colors turned out.

I also really like the size and shape of the canvas. For some reason right now I'm into the long skinny canvases, and this is a cool in between version.

I'm supposed to take this in to the coffee shop to sell, but honestly I am not ready to part with it just yet. In fact I made five canvases this week, and they are all supposed to go to the cafe, but I just started filling my walls again, and I don't want to go blank again so soon. Still, it must be done. Guess I just have to keep making more!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. I'm over on Deviant Art now where you can go and buy prints, cards, mouse pads, magnets, postcards, mugs, even puzzles of my art.

I'm giving this site a shot, since a fellow art friend highly recommended it to me. I've been meaning to set up an Etsy site like everyone else, but this was so much faster and easier. Yep, I can be lazy like that.

Anyway, if anyone is so inclined, Go on and check it out over here ....


BlueRidgeLady said...

This is just beautiful...love love all the pretty colors, you should be gushing over this one!! So happy you came by my blog! I was reading that there are lots of flowers you can't have because of the shade, I am the opposite! Sun everywhere up on a mountain, very little shady areas. I have alot of native plants that would really prefer more shade. I'm kinda starting to go into the woods on the sides of the yard more now and plant stuff! I always envy people that have both sun and shade! Have a great day!!

Michele said...

Thank you! I was so happy to come by your blog again too, wonderful work there! I'm sorry I was gone so long, but I had fun catching up!

Wow, what I would do for the sunshine. :) We get some in the summer, but not enough to plant those pretty full sun plants or an apple tree which I want too. Good luck with your garden, hopefully the weather will mellow out soon!

June Pfaff Daley said...

Hi Michele-

WOW. I love, LOVE this! Your colors are fabulous. And thank you so much for your comment over on flicker. I'm happy to meet you and get a chance to see your happy art too! : )