Sunday, September 20, 2009


I made Dreamy about a month ago. This started out as a problem child, but I'm really warming up to it now. I think it turned out alright after all. It certainly was a challenge color wise!

This canvas is 11x14, and the image is from Lisa Kettell. Now I'm not sure how it looks on your computer screens, but on mine, the colors seem off. I assure you it's really bright in real life, as are all my collages. :)

Oh, and thanks for those of you who posted helpful comments to my gel dilemma. I'm still trying to figure out what went wrong, it has me so perplexed because the product worked so well, until last week.

I think now I'll try some of the products you guys use, just so I don't have a repeat offense, it has ruined two collages now.

On another note, I made a collage last night, that is totally different from what I normally do. I've been creating little characters and drawing them on sketch paper, then placing them in my painting. It came out pretty cool I think, I even used tin foil in it! Hopefully it will be dry soon, and I can post a picture of it soon. I hope to make more of them, and eventually learn to draw the character and do the background all in one piece.

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Kathy said...

I really like your new art blog and your skill with color. I think it's very cool that you're experimenting with incorporating your own art into your collages. I often make journal pages from totally found images, but it's lots of fun to throw in some of my own. I've been journaling for just over a year, and I'm still working on my own skils and developing my own style. Every new thing I've tried, every tutorial, every technique has found its place in my art, and I've learned so much from my BBFF's (best blog friends forever)of which you are now one! Oh, and I wouldn't worry about the guru camp thing. Some people are meant to be "joiners" because they're leaders!