Saturday, July 18, 2009

Fairy Of Secrets

This is my entry for this week's Created Byhand Challenge. The theme is fairies.

Right away I knew I wasn't going to do a typical fairy. I had the Mona Lisa face, and saw the cabinet in a magazine, and thought wow that would make a cool body. Let's put the face on it and add some wings and voila! The Fairy of Secrets was born. Though honestly I never knew until now, how masculine Mona Lisa's face is. No matter what I did, she still looks like a man dressed like a girl to me. Strange.

Anyhoo, I thought the cabinet for a body, indicted that she had things locked inside her, hence the secret idea. Then I found the lips, and thought oh boy a zipper would be good here, but totally forgot that idea, until my husband saw it and said he had a zipper I could use. He actually drilled holes into it, so it could be sewed onto the canvas.

See, I would have glued it, and then it probably would have fallen off. It's a good thing I have him around to make sure my artwork is stable. :)

Oh yeah, I totally stole the words Fairy Tale and the butterfly from Nancy's Crowabout Challenge pages. Thanks Nancy!

UPDATE: I have since gone back to the Created byhand Challenge website, and realized that you are supposed to use images from them for your challenge. Oops!

I also have uploaded the a new version of the picture, since the first one was wrong. I took the picture at night, and the colorswere way off. The background wasn't supposed to be all orange. It has been bothering me ever since I posted it, and today I decided to try to fix it. The picture now reflects the true colors of the painting, *smile*, unfortunately the resolution is terrible. Oh well. One thing at a time.


Yogi said...


Tumble Fish Studio said...

Your blog is so beautiful! Just dripping with scrumptious delicious lusciousness! It's juicy with color and pizazz! I am adding you to my links so I can follow regularly! What an inspiration!


p.s. I am having very unusual drama on my blog at the moment so if you visit me, beware. It's really and truly usually a very happy place, I promise!

LivArt said...

Wow this is sooo fun and colourful!! Love it!!


indybev said...

This is very clever and creative, Michelle. I love the idea of "fairy of secrets". At first I thought I had seen it posted at Scrapbook Graphics as well, but when I went back to look it was different, yet so similar it's rather amazing. I tried to link back to it so you could see it, but can't get the link to work. If you'd like to see it, look under the Art Inspiration challenge. It's the entry by Kate2 called "Facing Fears". She put butterflies in the tummy of her fairy!