Monday, March 3, 2008

Monday ramblings, and the Princes of England

Happy monday everyone! Technically it's my tuesday, but who's counting?

Anyhoo, I'm sitting here at work, and I guess I'm a little bored, cause the only excitement I have is noticing my co-workers bathroom habits. Yes it's that kind of day.

I have a new job position that requires me to sit in very close proximity to the restrooms. Not exactly pleasant, but I won't gross you out with details.

Interestingly the kitchen is right next door. This is good when I want a snack, but very bad when I'm accosted with intermingling odors from both arenas fighting for superiority.

Since I've had this new position, I've accidently begun to notice, how often some people need to take care of business.

I thought I had the worlds smallest bladder, but apparently not.

I'm beginning to get concerned about a few of the folks here, their daily treks to the water closet are reaching astronomical numbers.

Then again maybe they are bored too...

In other news....

It's come to my attention that Prince William is now being considered for war duty. This strikes me as odd.

I mean why would the British government want to send over William when they just pulled out Harry the day before?

If Harry's involment in the war was deemed too dangerous for a prince, wouldn't that also be true for his older brother, who is second in line to the throne?

Another thing is Harry's deployment was kept secret from the press, so his life would be in less danger. As soon as the story leaked he was yanked out that day.

However, the press is all abuzz about William going over on some warship, why not keep that a secret too?

Is it just me, or does this not make sense? Will he really go over? Or is this a publicity stunt? Something to make him look good, now that Harry got all the attention of being a war hero? Just speculating people...

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