Thursday, March 6, 2008

Bad mood rising

Well I don't know what happened to me today. I woke up in a good mood. Sort of. Well pretty much..

Feeling kinda restless, I decided to practice my Suzy Homemaker skills and make bread. Which came out all right.


Except that I had set the bread machine on 2 lb loaf and apparently it doesn't really have the capacity to make 2 lb bread. As was evident by the mound of gooey dough that is the top of the loaf.

In another stroke of genius, Photobucket I decided to make dough for Mexican cinnamon rolls. I was very excited about these, as they sounded like the perfect dessert for tonight.

Since I was so excited, I immediately put the dough ingredients into the bread machine, and set my settings.

Nothing happened except a lot of squawking from the machine, which was furiously flashing some strange code.

Took out manual and proceeded to check contents for what code meant. Code not explained in the manual. Terrific.

Honestly, why do they have these codes if the book isn't going to tell you what they mean? Why I ask you? It makes no sense.

Then a thought occurred to me. Maybe, in my haste to make the rolls, it might not have been a good idea to dump the ingredients into a piping hot bread machine Photobucket

So I put the contents into the fridge to let everything cool down.

Once things cooled off, I tried the process again and what do you know it worked.

With only an hour left to go on the dough cycle, I decided to lay down to rest.


Big mistake. No sooner had I fallen asleep, then the beeper went off indicating my dough was done. Ugh.

I took out my dough and noticed it didn't look right. Since I never made this recipe before I didn't think to much of it, until I tried to roll it out. Into a rectangle no less.


First of all how the hell do you roll a ball into a rectangle? Not gonna happen. Besides that though, the dough was dry and clumpy and sticking out in weird shapes along the edges.


I rolled. Nothing happened. Rolled some more. Nothing happens. Tried again and the damn dough stayed in the same shape. Tried bunching it up in a ball again to hopefully roll out flatter. (It made sense at the time). Still nothing.

Threw dough into trash and started again.

Dough is cooking ready for round two in an hour. Think I'll go watch some television.



WTF! The t.v. doesn't work. Apparently I fried it, by watching it too much. Holy cow!

What am I going to do with my time? This can not be happening. That is the only t.v. we own. How am I going to get my daily doses of T.V. Land?


To make matters worse it was my husbands very expensive flat screen t.v., and he's been in a bad mood all day, I don't think he's pleased with me at the moment.


I think I better go hide for a few days...


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